Thursday, December 01, 2005

Coke Show tomorrow!

Christ on a rubber crutch, people, 91 comments! That's awesome. For the record, I've read Play It As It Lays (didn't leave much of an impression besides that she's a cool customer who takes a lot of care that she comes off that way, but I'm sure she writes differently now that she's really old and probably doesn't care if she sounds cool anymore) and I tried to read the Royal Family and fucking hated it and also read some Vollmann essay on Afghanistan where he made it sound like maybe burkas aren't so bad (yeah right). Right now I'm reading the Bellow novella Seize the Day (as if you care) and it's very funny and the people in it think just like me (i.e. self-loathing, weak characters who are completely self-absorbed and always scheming under the surface ok now I'm making myself sound bad, that's me at my worst)so of course I like it.

Coke show tomorrow, this has developed into a gigantic bandstravanganza. I sat in on the Cab Calloway practice yesterday and they are going to knock your socks off. C.O. channeled Cab and it gave me chills. It was also very cold in the apartment so it could have been that. C.O. is also tackling Elton John. A partial rundown of bands (which I think I gave earlier but oh well) includes: Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Heart, Oasis, the Mac, Aerosmith who am I forgetting? It starts tomorrow at nine. Then on saturday there is another good show. Here's the press release from Charles:

At the Distillery, 10pm, 21, 6 bucksRock the Light (back from their tour of Japan)Westwind (from San Fransisco)The MegaCools (talk about Charles)This show is going to be the show of the year. Really. No lie.

Ha! Look it's thursday morning and I am pretending that the weekend is here.

Post-script- The cappucino at Temple (coffee shop in old Levinson's book shop) is the best to be had in Sac, College Greens, Arden-Arcade, and the Del Paso Heights Area. If you are wary of visiting this place, smiller has tons of two for one coupons so just ask him for one and go with a friend, you cheap bastard.


Unknown said...

the Police

Anonymous said...

I went to the Temple yesterday morning and had my normal large cup of black coffee. Not bad, but I prefer it when I roast my own coffee with a hot air popcorn popper.

If anyone wants to try some home roasted coffee, let me know.

I ain't normally a coffee snob, but roasting it myself makes a big difference. I don't even have any roasting patterns down yet.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say that there's a small chance that the Halloween show might not happen - at least not tomorrow. Mike R. sounded pretty sure he could iron it out with his roommate but a last minute snag came up. Why the fuck can't it just be at the loft?!


Anonymous said...

We just talked to Mike, and he says the show is still on, so nobody panic. Also it's at eight, not nine so try to get there on time.

Anonymous said...

Rad. And seriously, GET THERE BY 8:00. There's a lot of bands & it's a house so it can't exactly go all night.