Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Here's another one of those offensive posts where a straight woman looks for a gay male friend. Maybe they should make this a separate category on craigslist


werenotdeep said...

The all-caps really helps her sound not dumb. "I want to have a relationship similar to Will and Grace". So...scripted?

KLJ said...

I don't see a contact for you so I'll put this here where it doesn't go.

I responded to your comment regarding my post addressing your post concerning swingin' local indy stars.

I meant only a critique not a flame. Perhaps, in hind site, I should have also mentioned in my original post that I do enjoy your site. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

I love the one I read about by a woman who wants a "platonic sugar daddy." I see her point. I'll go one better. I want a battalion of "platonic sugar mammas" who don't even need to meet in person. Just send cash or checks or money orders. Hell, how about some of them platonic sugar daddies too? Why stop at just one, or even limit it to the opposite sex?