Thursday, December 15, 2005


I totally just got busted by a coworker for looking at celebrity camel toes! humiliating. By busted, I mean she saw it on the screen, not really busted. Of course, Paris Hilton had the craziest one.


Anonymous said...

you can't post something like that without providing a link. it's just not done. don't make me search for it.

your getting busted reminds me of the other day i was in this office, trying to talk to one of my profs at school, and the receptionist was really not having me. she's like "yeah he's not here and i really don't have time to deal with this right now, can you come back?" i'm like, 'mkay', thinking, 'why can't you just take a message for me?' but i don't get mad. then on my way out, i steal a look at her screen, and i see she's looking at pictures of prince, on a prince fansite. she sees me see it, and she looks away real quick.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping I could convince everyone to not use the term "camel toe" any more. If there is one thing I don't want to think about being associated with a women vagina, it's the foot of a camel. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

More importantly, did you cut your hair?


Anonymous said...

Charles cut his hair into the shape of a camel's vagina.

beckler said...

you asked for it!

the kelly ripa one is insane. and the laura bush one is not too crazy, but it's a nice touch.

Unknown said...

the Arnold one made me shudder.

and Little Kim.

Anonymous said...

Korean hottie
Doing cameltoe squatty
Rook rike go potty

Anonymous said...

Hyuk, hyuk. Racist asshole.