Thursday, December 01, 2005

the horror of cold toast

Katy, did you say that this guy is a fox and goose regular? Is he really tall? In regards to my crack about the fox and goose toast, I'm sure others will back me up when I say it often arrives cold and stale. Is anything too petty for me to talk about on this blog? No. Not today.


Anonymous said...

Does ISO stand for International Standards Organization here?


Anonymous said...

ugh. no, he's actually not really tall. average or just below really.

i'll pass along the toast reccomendation.

Anonymous said...

Having eaten fng toast as both an employee and a customer I can attest to it's nastiness. It's often cold, over buttered, or bone dry, late, or stale. The coldness, wetness, and timeliness of the toast is due to the fact that most fng servers have about 8 tables to attend to while also making the fruit cups, toast, and rarebit for their orders. The staleness I'm not so sure about. I usually pass on the toast their these days.