Thursday, December 01, 2005

mikunis blog

Did you know the Mikuni's guy has a weird blog where he frequently quotes (or actually it seems more like paraphrases) the Bible?

sample quote:

Do you take a shower or just rub your body with your towel? I like to be as clean as possible and so I take shower at least once or twice every day. It works the same way in the restroom, too. Whenever I go to the restroom, I would like to be washed not just wiped because I just don’t feel clean using only toilet paper.


Anonymous said...

Well the original location in Fair Oaks did start as a sushi bar/meeting place for Bible study class.

Unknown said...

yea, i really want to picture that guy making my food.

i mean, i guess he's clean. i just don't want to picture my food servers during their hygeninc (or not so hygenic) moments.

Anonymous said...

Mikuni is a creepy company. I'm really glad that I don't work there anymore. I make less money but it's worth it.

Amelie said...

Taro is a big fat christian. I remember going to Mikuni's when he first got here from Japan and he was telling me and my friend Amy B about the bible. I think he was all of 18 and had bought a house with tips in the American River Canyon area. That was back when they were closed on Sundays and only had the Hazel restaurant, and it was maybe 300% smaller than it is now.