Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leon: philanthropist, beer lover

Way to go, Leon!

Leon will also appreciate this, I think. If you are obsessed with the new Belle and Sebastian album, as all of Sacramento is, and you want more Belle and Sebastian. First: listen to the NPR fresh air with Stuart. If you have done that and you still want more of these twee charmers, go to the B and S website Q and A page. The Belle and Sebastian show is tonight in SF but I am going to see Art Brut there instead. And, in a Sac-related B and S note, Sac's own Rose Melberg has scored the opening slot at their Vancouver show!


alice said...

you've been holding out on us. and i thought you were a true friend. why can't you give me some of that cash?

leon said...

Dangit. Now I gotta sell my soul to the NY Times so I can read this article!

Anonymous said...

Man, Leon has been dead nearly our whole friendship.

I never knew.


leon said...

Oh no! I died in 2003. Thanks for filling me in.

But seriously... I can't believe how many famous (in the realm of science and money) Leon Levys are out there. There are a lot (and unfortunaly, I'm not related to any of them...as far as I know)!

Anonymous said...

Well you better GET related to them, if you know what I mean. Which you probably don't since I don't even know what I mean.


leon said...

Last comment of the day..I promise!

That B&S interview is really great. I have a picture of Niki and I standing in front of the church where Stewart used to live. There was also a good interview with Stevie Jackson on pitchfork the other week.

I'll be seeing B&S tonight!


Bug Me Not said...

Don't bother selling your soul. Take a look at http://bugmenot.com

It lets you sneak around mandatory registration.

Anonymous said...

I married Leon for the fame and money he brings to my life.


Wingnutamy said...

Leon!!! You died?? You look really good for a rich dead guy. Niki is very lucky.

chaffin said...

oh rose rosie rose rosetty rose. this is the coolest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

the sf design center might be the worst venue i've ever been to. b&s were good, but the place kinda ruined it. there were probably around 3500 - 5000 people there (possibly more)...in a long narrow place and the stage wasn't high enough. i walked into the place and all i could see were a sea of heads. it was like a U2 concert or something. i think i was standing about a football field away, maybe more and i couldn't see all that much.

Anonymous said...

I agree as much as I love Belle and Sebastian and the new Pornographers both (which is a lot) not being able to see the fucking bands is the worst.
I think Chris Olsen put it best when he compared the place to a barn at the state fair.

werenotdeep said...

I can understand wanting a place that will hold a lot of people that doesn't require assigned seats, but the Design Center has a low, flat floor. It was like being at the Warped Tour or something. There was a certain "cool" quality to it, but well, mostly it sucked, and plus, I'm six one, so I could see kind of okay. But my feet and back were killing me afterwords from standing for several hours on a cement floor, and even with the stage up off the floor, the performers were only just barely were visible above the people in front of you (and that's only if you're tall. Poor Natalie!). I will say it could have been worse, but well...the Greek Theater was better, I think. You could sit down, or you could just walk around and talk, and you could pretty much see the band from anywhere you were at.

Leon however told me that he got behind a group of 7-foot hipsters who all, in addition to being offensively tall, all had to dance with their arms permanently up in the air. Talk about insult to injury.

- OMO (I didn't steal it, Tim bestowed it upon me)

katymonster said...

Leon should've just paid those guys off and then he wouldn't have had to stand behind them.

leon said...

Yeah. As much as I love the bands, the venue layout and accoustics stunk. At least security didn't feel everyone up at the front door, like at the Wafield. I shoulda went to see Art Brut instead.

Anonymous said...

I thought Art Brut were rad. I mean, yeah, they're a one trick pony for sure, but Eddie Argos is a great frontman & it's really fun to watch him. He kept jumping in to the crowd & he had the best slob style ever! That really sucks about the B&S venue. I'm not one of those fans that begrudges them for getting bigger but if you can barely even see them, that's pretty bad.


Anonymous said...

I think its great that they are getting bigger and making more money but I think even they knew the place fucking sucked.

also, notes to indie kids
1. go ahead dance, if everyone in that whole huge place was dancing it would have been pretty rad.

2. Please do not yell over opening the band about how much they suck,
how much better their earlier stuff is, and how spotty their songs are. Obviously I am right in front of you and mad for it, and now I want to punch you.


werenotdeep said...

One cool thing about the show was that Jay and I could lie to Natalie about what was happening on stage, and she'd have to at least consider that it might be true.