Thursday, January 11, 2007


I am listening to a copy of the Finches new album and it is wonderful. Even on my computer speakers. I can't wait till their Sac show (with the Mantles) and their album release show in SF (with the Mantles AND the Moore brothers!). They are having a show in LA with the Winter Flowers and Lavender Diamond and I can't fucking believe I can't go, but I can't. The Fool's show is on Jan 26th, don't forget!

I finally got to try a piece of pizza at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley yesterday. It was really good, but I'm not sure how I feel about the no red sauce policy. Never? That's just rigid. I also got some cheese at the shop next door. I'm not sure what kind I got but it's good. There are like 200 kinds, it's very intimidating!

I'm trying out the Queen of Sheba on Broadway tonight. Cross your fingers for me!


beckler said...

does anyone familiar with blogger know how i put links to other websites on my blog? i can't figure it out

leon said...

yep. I'll tell you how if you hook me up with that finches album.

beckler said...

you'll just have to buy it at the show!

Anonymous said...

Will you be able to get the CD at the Fool's show even though it doesn't release until the 30th?

Anonymous said...

Are you using the new version of blogger or the old?

Here's how you do it in the new version:
When you look at your blog, and are logged in, click on 'Customize' in the upper right. This gets you to a little map of your blog where you can 'add page elements.' Add one of those.

Now, go back to looking at your blog. You should have a little wrench crossed with screwdriver image next to the various page elements. Click on that and you can add links.

If you're using the old version, it's more of a pain in the ass. You have to edit the CSS directly. Or, you update to the new version and proceed as above.


beckler said...

That's a good point about the CD, I don't know. I'll just sell burned CDRs outside in the back by the dumpster. The one full of meatballs, not the one with the mizithra cheese.

I'm on the old blogger cuz everytime I try to switch it tells me I can't!

Anonymous said...

That's weird.

Tell you what: Go to 'edit template' or whatever it is that gets you the window full of code. That window is no good at all for editing the code, so select all of it (Ctrl-A) and copy it someplace else for editing. If you like, you can paste it into an e-mail to me (at bridge dot jake at gmail dot com), tell me what links you want, and I'll send you back the code you want.

fft said...

ooh, now i get to pass out in spag alley during a finches show instead of in DP's kitchen!

are you doing this article for MM? or am i? hopefully you.

Anonymous said...

do not question cheeseboard.

nor arizmendi, for that matter.

hands down best pizza in the bay area, and probably the state.

beckler said...

I just interviewed the Finches last night. I'm not much of an interviewer so hopefully it will come out OK.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure it will be fab!

-mrs. troublemaker

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss these guys again because I'm playing out of town that night. Curse you Finches!!


Anonymous said...

The SF show's also with Colossal Yes who's pretty great. And it's at Du Nord which is a nice venue.

-- Patrone

Anonymous said...

The Finches have the new CD with them, so they'll have them at the Sac show for sure. They also have really nice new shirts and lil bags.
They're mid-tour right now. Aaron was so sick he had to go to the hospital so he missed the first couple of shows (including the one that my mom, stepmom, and dad all went to in santa cruz), but he flew down to San Diego to meet up for the rest of the shows.
On the 25th they're doing a radio thing at KXLU so that's probably streamable. See you in Sac.