Friday, January 19, 2007

last column

Graswich ends his 35 year run with a staggering number of sentence fragments. I think. I ain't no English teacher. It was a stellar run.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if "stellar" is the right adjective when talking about Bobby's columns, Beckler. As far as police department mouthpieces go, I prefer Pete Smith of Stockton P.D. who's a lot cooler (and a nice guy, unlike Bobby), although Sac County S.D. had a nice spokesman in Ron Garverick back in the day.

Bobby, if you're reading this, best of luck. Go buy yourself a new Hawaiian shirt at Swanberg's, roast a bowl and listen to some Jimmy Buffett records.

beckler said...

I find that stellar is the right adjective for any occasion, as it is the only one I know.

Anonymous said...

Staggering number of sentence fragments? Did Voisin write RE's last column? Voisin actually RE in drag? I've never seen them together at the same time.