Tuesday, January 09, 2007

a wonderful town-for boobs!

Whilst searching for the video mentioned in this sacbee article of girls on the american river gone wild (what, no web adress sacbee? you are just cruel teases). I stumbled on this awesome video for the middle of the road song "sacramento-a wonderful town". someone in the comments pointed out that sac looks a lot like amsterdam, which I've always personall thought is true. Speaking of comments, I love the comments on the sacbee article and here's my favorite quote: "If you cant handle the boobs go back to church!" So true.


Anonymous said...


"Murray, 28, who was formerly employed in the fast food industry, said he was inspired by a 2004 visit to the American River's Gilligan's Island.

"What prompted me to do the video was seeing the girls mud wrestling. Girls would mud wrestle; they would end up pulling tops off. It was pretty wild," he said.

He returned with his camera on weekends over the next two summers looking for material.

Murray said he's spent about $3,000 shooting the video and producing 1,000 copies. So far, he figures he's made about $1,000, having sold about 400 copies.

The video, the first creation of Murray's On The Go Productions, is titled "Sacramento's American River Gone Fockin' Crazy."

A handful of local clothing stores, smoke shops and adult stores are selling the video."


Anonymous said...

Which parts of Sac look like Amsterdam? In all my travels around here I have not seen anything locally that reminds me of Amsterdam. I am all for replicating Amsterdam here. I haven't found a pannekoeken house or a frite stand anywhere in this town. Don't even get me started on the pastries.

Anonymous said...

"Sacramento - a wonderful town" has been my jam for a while now. I am waiting for the follow-up "West Sacramento - a more wonderful town."


Alice said...


Skipper said...

That's very funny. That song was actually playing during my cab-ride home from the Berlin airport. The best part was the cabby half-heartedly singing along with it.

Anonymous said...

why the heck would you make a video for a song about a particular town (sacto), and then film it in such a way that so prominently features the unique landscape of another town (amsterdam)? so strange.

i love the fact that the guitar player doesnt' even try to fake the solos, as if they're being played by someone off camera, mabye in another part of the gondola?

beckler said...

What about that Mickey Mouse shirt? So cool. I was just kidding about Sac looking like Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sacramento doesn't look anything like Amsterdam.

What part of the American River are they floating down? It looks fockin' crazy!!

Alice said...

i think the bass player is rather dashing. he's also got some great facial expressions. i think that's my new favorite music video.


so the german dude was singing it in the cab but singing it in english? so bizarre.

werenotdeep said...

Boobs, schmoobs.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I was confused. THIS is actually my jam.



Unknown said...

thanks for posting the best video ever.

i`m going to have to show that one to my students.