Thursday, January 18, 2007

italian food?

have any of you heard of or eaten at palermo ristorante italiano? I just read a yelp of it but i've never heard of it.

KW gave vientiane a stellar review, as it deserves.


beckler said...

also, has anyone eaten at Jim Denny's since they changed owners? I've never been there but it's open until nine a lot of nights and it's on my burger list.

Anonymous said...

my yelp review

Cody said...

i've been to jim denny's a couple times recently. it was really really good. one time i went they had about a dozen special burgers crammed on the little bulletin board. i got some sort of teriyaki burger with pineapple, cheddar, teriyaki sauce and grilled onions. my friend got the peanut butter burger, which has all the normal stuff, plus bbq sauce and peanut butter. he said it was good but i didn't want to touch that shit. and you can't go wrong with the super burger with grilled onions.

beckler said...

someone else yelped it under another name, too. doesn't really sound worth it. that's good to know about jim dennys.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing technically wrong with that SNR review of (the mighty) Vientienne, but there's certainly nothing particularly right about it, either.

i'm glad she is now laying off the unnecessary adverbs, but man could they please get someone in that reviewer gig who's got some passion? where's the anecdotal stuff? the color? the STORY? did she even talk to them?

so there's black pepper in the stuffed chicken wings? wow! can't wait to eat there!

and if your starting point from which to assess a chicken dish is f'ing BUFFALO WINGS, then how in the heck can i take seriously her opinion of *anything* food-related?

or, maybe i am just a jerk and a snob. and maybe i should just accept that her core audience, too, sees chicken through buffalo-colored lenses. sigh.

Anonymous said...

I have eaten there quite a few times since they changed owners. Their breakfasts are pretty darn good, the pancakes are so huge they barely fit inside the building. The burgers are high-quality monsters, and while they aren't particularly cheap they are tasty. The "five cent burger" combo with fries is a fairly good deal at $5. The service is friendly and chatty, unlike the previous owners who were less social. The new folks had no idea they were buying a downtown Sacramento cultural icon when they moved in, but I think they are doing it justice. They have taken the steps to add an outdoor order window and some outside seating so you're not necessarily crammed into the 10 seats at the counter.

I also took my grandfather there when he was visiting in town, and he gave the place his mark of approval compared to the Chicago burger joints he used to haunt in the 1940s.

Anonymous said...

is an article we ran about the head cook at Jim Denny's. She's a really nice lady.


Anonymous said...

Palermos is nice if you like eating in a fish bowl with no atmosphere. Food just Nothing special.

Re: Vientianne in West Sac..I bet Kate got the idea to go from the Sac Food Forums..who had a lunch meetup there awhile back.

Delicious..fabulous..get the stuffed chicken wings.