Monday, August 13, 2007

Buddhist Bazaar

I wish I would have known ahead of time so that I could have posted about the Buddhist Bazaar at the church on Riverside. It was this past weekend. I hope you all made it out there because it is the fucking best! I went twice. It's one of my favorite Sacramento events. Everyone there is the nicest. My favorite food items are the udon that's served in the inside cafeteria (plus, no lines) and now that I have gotten my hands on the teriyaki chicken I see why people will wait in long lines for it. It was really juicy and tender, and it was more smoked tasting than teriyaki-style, which makes sense if you've ever seen the voluminous clouds of smoke billowing out on X street all weekend. There is something about buying a Kirin from the huge, icy tubs for three bucks that is just so fun. Going there makes me daydream about the day I get to go back to Japan.


Anonymous said...

Somen! Somen! Somen!

It was so weird to be at the festival when it's not over 100 degrees in the tent.

I got the creepiest bookmark from the craft ladies.


beckler said...

what's the deal with somen? i checked it out, but it didn't look that special so i didn't get it.

it was great that it was so unseasonably cool. i'm hoping that that will be true of the fair, also.

would anyone like to offer up their favorite fair food? you probably all have mine memorized by now:

brisket from the chuck wagon (I've already started dreaming about it) and a frozen, chocolate covered banana are my Top Treats

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I used to wish that my family would convert to Buddhism just based on that fair (and the even more awesome one in Newcastle).

Liv said...

somen! somen! and double somen!!!!

i seriously look forward to the somen all year although when i had it saturday i realized that it's probably silly easy to make.

this year i discovered that they have a second festival every year that's just food. it happens in april i believe. i'll have to double check.

i tried the curry this time which i try to do every year but it's always sold out when i get there. it was okay. the ginger beef was super yummy tho.'

my other two favs are the tofu with kimchi and the udon.

Japanese Food and Culture Bazaar how i love thee!

Anonymous said...

Somen is thin white noodles that can be eaten hot or cold. I make it hot with chicken and black sesame oil all the time but I've never had it cold. I was checking it out at the fair and I would have gotten it if I hadn't already been full on soba.


Anonymous said...

The sauce on the somen at the festival is so fresh and good. You can buy a similar sauce at the supermarket, but it's not as delicious, obviously.

I want to say that it's called "mekko" sauce, but google say no.


Anonymous said...

Is it mentsuyu?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it is and now I am hungry for somen again!

I noticed that the new ramen house on 24th is open at night, we should all go there and check 'er out.


beckler said...

I am psyched to try that place but I got really peeved by the person that gave it a five star yelp that hadn't eaten there yet and declared it better than edokko II! I will be as happy as anyone if it is the best ramen ever, but writing a review before you eat somewhere is annoying!