Wednesday, August 01, 2007

welcome home!

Happy Birthday to the Armeniac! I'll be dining at Pooja tonight in his honor.

And....welcome home to MH and BR. I am so delighted that my two good friends have moved back to Sac for good. They have been gone too long!!

Down to business-what's the deal with the Real Pie Co. Specifically are they so popular that they are always out of pies? I want to get a fruit pie thursday after work but I don't know if I should attempt to call and reserve one or what.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paul!

Welcome home Michelle and Ben!

Business: I would call just to be sure, I went to get some quiche for lunch the other day and she said they had sold out that morning.


Anonymous said...

Call ahead to be sure. You have to call a day ahead if you want a chicken pot pie. She only has one type of pie that she sells by the slice.

I have had her upside down cakes and they are SOOO good. I'm sure her other stuff is too.


Anonymous said...

I think for the bigger pies, it is better to call ahead. They have tons of the personal sized fruit and creme pies. So good!


DB said...

D to the muthafuckin' PPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!