Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I smell something, and it's not steak

AP recently bowed to his fear of "weird" food and reviewed the new lunch offerings at Ruth's Chris steak house in the Bee. I started to get deja vu as my eyes skimmed over the snoreworthy sentences. Didn't Mike Dunne already review Ruth's Chris? Why yes he did! And his review (from way back in '05) is so similar to a press release that Ruth's Chris have it posted on their website! Wow, and an article on friday about suburban richies who drop 100 bucks on steak to eat in front of their flatscreen ALSO mentions the new lunch hours at Ruth's Chris. And a somewhat recent blog post from Mike Dunne mentions the new lunch hours as well. Doesn't it seem a bit unusual that a chain's restaurants decision to open for lunch would be so newsworthy that the Sacbee would mention it three times? Hmm...I wonder if Ruth's Chris spends much money advertising with the Bee? Nah, probably not.


fft said...

so cynical.

i can't hate on a place where the steaks melt like butter and the butter needs to be cut with steak knives. heavvvvvvin'.

Anonymous said...

The menu includes four signature dishes the 100-unit chain is promoting, said director of public relations Lanette Jarvis by phone from corporate headquarters in Florida. They are a bayou shrimp sandwich, a grilled tenderloin and portobello salad, a chilled shellfish salad and a Kobe-style burger.

Kobe style? Is that or is that not the famed beef from the Kobe region of Japan?

"It's the beef from the Wagyu breed of cattle from Australia," Jarvis explained. "Genetically, it's the same animal as the beef from Japan."

It certainly tasted like it, Len and I agreed when we split the world-class bacon cheese-burger, cooked to a perfect juicy medium ("hot pink," $14.95). It was served on a warm, soft bun that stood up to the weight of the meat and condiments, accompanied by excellent french fries.

Whoa. I wish I could get my foodie writers to write like that. I think I might be sporting an erection.

~~~Tubby the Wine Snob

Anonymous said...

On the subject of lunch, has anyone had the Cubano at the Park lunch kiosk? I think I wanna try it Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Nevermind, they don't do Cubanos anymore.

Anonymous said...

Celestin's used to have a decent Cubano if that's what you are Jonesing for.

Miss B