Friday, August 17, 2007


Don't forget to watch the Yah Mos video below! Yesterday I hit up the Shoki Ramen House (on 24th st. near Crepeville) for lunch. This is a most exciting edition to the selection of downtown restaurants. However, I think people who think it's better than Edokko II could cool their jets a little bit with the rhetoric. The menu is more limited, the price is higher, and the portions are quite a bit smaller. The fact that I can bike to Shoki means I will probably eat there more often than I make it out to Edokko II, of course.

Here's the interior:
Here's the seafood tan men. This was what I wish I had ordered. The broth was yummer yum. My fingers are very resistant to typing that last sentence, and for good reason.
This was the tan tan men. It was good, but Edokko IIs is better. I appreciate the artful presentation at Shoki, and the little radish shoots and seaweed were little taste treats. Those brown strips are the thing that tastes like pee to me, not that I drink pee very often. Oops, I mean ever.
Yesterday evening I went out to the Horse Cow Gallery for Reggae on the River. I believe this is the third move for the Horse Cow, and this place is probably the coolest yet. It's out on the river in West Sac.
There are art cars everywhere, some of them pretty bad ass.

I loved the hippie fire dancing. I think they were just practicing but it was pretty impressive.

Your eyes to not deceive you, those are two, count 'em two didgeridoos (how the hell do you spell that? maybe that bitch from the Bee can correct my spelling)

Here's the performance space. There's a swing.

Here's the Yogoman Burningband. We enjoyed calling them the Burningman Yogaband. They only got to play a few songs before the cops showed up. We were in the middle of nowhere!! Is there no place that is safe from the man? We should have burned the man in effigy.
This was my favorite artwork out there. I'm a sucker for flashing lights.


Hey Janisface said...

Your spelling was correct. Thanks for playing ... and thanks for the tips on Shoki. I've been an Edokko II fan for many moons and can't wait to try some Shoki. So how much was that tan tan men?

FFT said...

nice post. the cops must have fire-throwing-vegan-hippie-reggae-dub-dar.

Anonymous said...

They had double didgeridoo dar.

Pritchard rocking on the Garden of Eden swing killed me.