Tuesday, August 07, 2007

morning bitchfest

Hmm...Nic got pretty harshed on on Pfork yesterday. In a backhanded compliment way (and no mention of John Pugh's singing) But the bitch who is writing this already annoyed me yesterday for making fun of the people dancing to M.I.A. Sorry if they didn't look cool enough for you, bitch. And it also annoys me how Pfork is being all photoblog style about all the festivals. I don't need to see the 89th picture of Regina Spektor, thanks. If you're not going to write something about the performances, then don't bother. That's just lazy.

Mika Miko were worth it, which is saying alot, because by that I mean worth going to Davis twice in a day and worth not getting even near enough sleep. They are the best because they look like they are having so much fun. There was a guy there that I'm not going to mock because he's too easy of a target (think dreads and bare feet and seemingly tweaking, I can't resist a little mocking) who was trying to chat me up against my will but I was being polite until he said I look like Janis Joplin. At that point I just said "OK, I fucking hate when people say that" and walked away. He compounded this move by later, right before Mika Miko played and everyone was all packed in, turning to me and loudly saying "I'm sorry I said you look like Janis Joplin", so now it gets even worse because everyone in the crowd starts debating whether I do or don't look like her! One girl assured me that I didn't at least. He also did the thing I hate, which was when the band was bantering (and they are hilarious) he would yell "onetwothreefour" like in "get on with it" style. Sometimes the bantering can be the best part so shut up!

All right, there's all my byatching. I am trying the new/old 524 tonight for dinner and I'm quite excited about it. Ha, I just wrote abou tit accidentally. Freudian slip?


Anonymous said...

I just don't get the joplin comment, Is it just because you have long hair? In the early 90's people would often tell me I looked like "the fat one from Wilson phillips, but not as fat"
which is obviously based on my size not my sweet sisterly harmonies. I guess people just grab on to that one thing.

Get a chicken taco at 524, still so delicious.


Liv Moe said...

Mika Miko were so fun!!! That really was one of the best shows I've been to in a long time. Fun. fun. fun.

I too was hit on by the shoeless, shirtless, math Phd. He kinda looked like a tweeker version of Side Show Bob. OMF's been making funny jokes about him all morning and imitating YES songs as a result of some conversation he had with Smiller.


beckler said...

woah, according to brooklynvegan (sorry patrone, i had to write it) john p. has quite chkchkchk?!?!?


my favorite line, when a girl politely asked if the tweaker/grad student was a ucd student (that was his opening line "is anyone a student here" (at which point i pointed out to him that it's summer) was when he said "of course, why do you think I'm wearing these uc davis sweats?". as if that's any excuse

beckler said...

oh yeah, and the janis joplin thing is probably because i'm constantly choking on my own vomit.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you a copy of Tales From Topographic Oceans that he was doing a Rush imitation that he thought was a Yes imitation! Don't get me started.....


Anonymous said...

You should have seen the UCD campus before downtown Davis had so many clothing stores and the UCD bookstore was the only place to buy clothes -- about 90% of students had on UCD t-shirts and sweatpants (UC Davis written on the butt was an especially style) at all times.

But then the Gap came in, taking some Aggie pride with it...

Anonymous said...

Smiller, you and Stan the Pointy Guy (Rush fan #1 circa 1983) are just going to have to duke it out. And by saying 'Duke' I bring up Genesis, and where do they fit into this unholy triumverate?

HK said...

Yeah that show was pretty fun- better if I didn't catch that dreadful summer cold. There was some dude ahead of me spazzing out and stomping on my feet- who are all these annoying hipsterz w/ dumb moustaches coming out to shows these days? I'm happy if they enjoy the bands, but some of them gots no respect! Anyways, off topic, I want to have a pizza-off once I get moved to Sacto, and I'm perfecting some pizzas. I hope to see you there!

Back to work!


beckler said...

don't even bother, i already won! j.k. let the best jew win, oops i mean man. that was weird when that girl yelled "you're a jew!" at the laverne girl in mika miko. she was wasted. how wasted? she thought the band twin was good! funny, i didn't mind the dancing because the ones dancing in my corner were small ladies and when they stomped on my feet it barely hurt.

what's up sacto has pics from the show


Anonymous said...

I can verify that it is true that John quit !!!

Off subject, but did you see in the paper that CPK is going into the Firestone building, along with a restaurant owned by Mason's. Check out the design in this article that looks quite similar to the Mikunes complex...http://www.sacbee.com/103/story/308002.html


Anonymous said...

The Sacramento lounging scene is really heating up! I guess I'd be stoked if the Irish pub was decent - though in my experience, that usually just means "Guinness on tap".


beckler said...

did you see that yelp of parlare eurolounge where the guy starts it off by saying:

I went to this place last night with a couple of friends expecting to walk into an ultra lounge but we were clearly out of place.

So an ultra lounge is like a concrete thing you would search out and have expectations for?

Yay, a CPK and ANOTHER steak house. That increases my downtown steak eating options to exactly...wait I never eat steak or go to steakhouses so I forgot to keep track. And speaking of steak, I'm just about to post about the Bee's intense love for Ruth's Chris's steakhouse's.

That's also great that the Masons folks are opening a place for small plates. Here's the progression of the American restaurant as I see it:

olden days: small plates, small prices, no obesity epidemic

after olden days, up until about two years ago: huuuuge plates, high prices, obesity epidemic partially blamed on portion sizes

today: tiny plates, high prices. the restaurants win! they've tricked us into paying 15 dollars for a tiny salad!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I missed this whole conversation cause I was out of town, but I have to add that Sideshow Bob goosed my friend several times during the show. She said that when she turned around, he just gave her a big smile and shrugged his shoulders. Idiot.

You can see the pics I took at the show if you click on my name below.

talkaboutcharles said...

That Sideshow Bob dude showed up at the Rock the Light show later that night. He was all beat-up looking and I asked him what happened. He said some good looking chap with nice shoes beat him senseless. I said:

"Did you say his lady look like a 60's rock star or something?"

He said:

"No. I told him I liked Yes and he said I was making him look bad."


ps. Do I still look like Dave Duchovony?

Anonymous said...

No Charles. You look like a young beardless Cat Stevens.

Anonymous said...

..but I have a beard.


Anonymous said...

Don't hate me for sayin' it but I've always thought that you look like a young beardless Keith Moon... but with a beard....

-mrs. troublemaker

talkaboutcharles said...

Dear Mrs. Troublemaker,

I could never hate you. But you should really spend more time with your sister. I can tell she misses you.


beckler said...

way to make things all serious, charles. you're like a beardless moses. with a beard.