Friday, August 31, 2007

return of vientiane

Vientiane is back! It's wayyyyyyy nicer inside. It's a lot smaller, but they never really needed all that space anyways. No TV blaring,which is great. I didn't testdrive the bathrooms but I'm sure they must be better than at the old place. I didn't go for the pork explosion today, but rather a light lunch of spicy chicken soup. It had a lemongrass punch. I'm not so crazy about those little mushrooms, though, and that's all that was in there besides some chicken bits, which were good.
And then a spicy papaya salad. Excellent. P.S. this lunch cost 14 dollars and was plenty for two. Stuff to do this weekend? If you can make it across the bay bridge in time, you can catch the Bananas at Thee Parkside with thee fleshies. Then you should go to the fair at some point this weekend. Soon approacheth thee demolition derby. Hold on just a second! Livmoe had told me that the demo derby was occurring after the fair but the daily schedule places it as taking place on sunday and monday at seven! This is the kind of unacceptable foul up that caused me to miss the dachsund derby this year, which led to the firing of my longtime personal assistant. What gives? Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Don't even bother. My demolition derby expert friend assures me that the only derby worth attending in Northern California is in Auburn at the Gold Country fair. September 9th this year.


beckler said...

you demolition derby snobs and your anti-populist ways! always looking down on the rest of us who just like to watch cars crash into each other willy nilly.

i may already be at the fair on sunday, and if so, i am going to the demo derby if it is indeed, happening. chicago will be playing at the same time, though.

p.s.-this is why db's blog is the best, and I quote:

But as much as we may rejoice that Sacramento’s Own The Georgia Queef Joe Carnahan (aka the poor man’s Dominic Sena) won’t be able to destroy the memory of Preminger’s last great film, Hollywood is experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of remakes.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else gone here accidently and wondered just what heckasac has been up to recently?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the heads up on Vientiane's re-opening. That place had the best green curry ever. Also, the spicy/sweet lemon water that comes with the spring rolls is the oddest, freshest-tasting dipping sauce/liquid. Now I just have to figure out where it is.


p.s. I've been a "secret" fan of this site for quite some time, but felt oddly compelled to write for the first time. Lemme know if you ever need a lunch partner.