Friday, August 31, 2007


Hello friends, what a long strange trip it's been. Going to the fair in 104 degrees may have permanently addled my brain. Please don't fear that I will only be doing photo posts, but today that may be true. I know the fear of photo posts keeps you up at night.

Here's a cute cat painting from the rip off tent where you pay a dollar to see a horse.
Goat with the yellowest beard I've ever seen
This turkey leg server strikes a bad ass pose.
I startle the brisket guy.
Does anyone else hate the photo uploading on blogger? It takes a Ph.D. to figure out how to order the photos correctly and hence, a gnawed-on turkey leg appears before the whole leg.

mmmm.....smoked for 12 hours!!!!
How giant you say?

I would have answered you with the next photo but blogger chose mercurially to put the nest of fries here. They lathe up fresh potatoes and fry them in front of you.
Here's how giant!

It was fucking good. the end


Jeff M. said...

It is a pain to order photos, but here is a tip: you can upload up to five photos at the same time by clicking the "add another photo" link in the photo uploader. There will be five uploader boxes stacked on top of each other. The photos will post in the EXACT order that you added them, from top to bottom. If you then upload five more photos, these new five will be posted, in the order you added them, BEFORE the old five. In other words, your old five will get pushed down.

Hope that helps.

beckler said...

yeah, i've kind of figured that out, but in my experience the website will usually crash if you try to upload more than two hi-res photos, and i don't really want to go to the trouble of resizing. maybe i should, though. i just don't know why they can't make it so you can move photos easily after they're posted!

beckler said...

a note to brew lovers: the beer kiosk by the blues and brews area (where the cryonically preserved head of mick martin rocks on in perpetuity) offers the sierra nevada kolsch, which is probably the tastiest brew you can get at the fair (and yes, i am including the clamato 'chelada at hussongs)

smitty said...

Another note to brew lovers, Michael Jackson (no, not the singing guy) died at ate 65. Drink a Belgium beer and think of him.

Jeff M. said...

re: hi-rez photos

Yeah, you should. You have a limited storage space for photos.

You can go here to see how much you have used.