Wednesday, August 15, 2007

two new blogs! two new blogs!

All right, for real, you should plan on going to that show tomorrow. The food and Larry djing really puts it over the top.

Now on to some unbearably exciting news. There are two new blogs to enliven the moribund sac blogging scene (I can't possibly use the word moribund without thinking of Alan Partridge, hence the picture).

Well, now it's called movie city usa but the important thing it's run by the inimitable, the irascible, the incomparable....DB

also...the teaches of kiedis is particularly good today.don't forget to add it to your favorites, you don't want to miss a teaches


Jeff M. said...


You must not be reading the Bramble then.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Okinawa!!!

A&W Rootbeer,Tacos and a Battlestar Galatica Mural!!!!Check out the Battlestar>>

see ya--jay