Monday, August 06, 2007

whitey's jolly kone

I will join the chorus of satisfied pie eaters in Sac and say that the Jumbleberry pie from Real Pie Co. is the best I've ever had. It had a very intense berry flavor and the crust was really buttery and flaky. I also had a slice of the nectarine/bing cherry and it was just OK. The crust was a little tough. It was a completely different crust than the berry pie.

First it's Squeeze Inn on the food network (alledgedly) and now Whitey's was on NPR! I know this because trusted correspondent Stephen Glass texted it to a cub reporter that I was camping with.

Soon, I will take the train home so that I can drive back to Davis in a few hours to see Mika Miko. I missed all the shows yesterday because I was way too tired from camping. Come see these young ladies rock it!


Anonymous said...

Just a few nights ago we were having dinner a few houses down with our neighbors (and new parents) and Julia works for NPR. She mentioned how she recently went out to Whitey's to record the material for the piece. Now that she's a new mother and not shooting over to DC all the time, she's trying to pick up easy to reach Sacto stuff for NPR. Don't be surprised to hear more of such Sac-centric stuff. As we were talking about local food she referenced Midtown Monthly a couple of times as the place where she heard about a restaurant.


Liv said...

not all that long ago i ate a Real Pie Co berry pie for both lunch and dinner. i figure the healthiness of the fruit cancels out the buttery-ness of the butter.

speaking of pies... i just pulled a peach pie out of the oven. there's a vendor at the market right now that has the best white peaches ever!


beckler said...

I watched the land of silence and darkness, the herzog documantary about the deaf-blind. Not a masterpiece, but it certainly contained some indelible images and he treated the subject with a kind curiosity. Bump it!

beckler said...


Anonymous said...

Squeeze Inn was on the Guy Fieri show on Food Network