Thursday, June 12, 2008

we must pay

I caught the tail end of the dayrage yesterday, and it kept truckin' until almost ten pm. I heard some good things about the pre-flyte lounge. I'm going to have to check that place out. I ate dinner at Edokko II and was stoked anew by how great all their ramen, and pretty much all their dishes, are. Their sushi I think is pretty unremarkable, but I got the miso chashu ramen and it was excellent. The broth was scrump and the pork is very high quality.

Tonight is that city council meeting to save the firehouses, starting at six.

Also, Psychedelic Horsheshit show tonight. Four bands, supposedly starting at eight at Bricka Bracka. Looks like Ganglians will play first. They ask for five buck donations for the touring bands. One of the bands is from Australia. We all need to acknowledge that now that a gallon of gas costs 4.50 that 5 bucks is not enough to pay for a show anymore. If you enjoy going to shows, you should start wrapping your mind around the idea of regularly paying 8-10 bucks. If you are genuinely too poor, then pay what you can. But if you are used to paying, say five bucks for a beer, or 8 or ten for a glass of wine, or whatevs, just think about it. I'm not trying to guilt you, it just seems like the price for shows has been stuck at the five dollar limit for like ten years, and that really needs to be adjusted upwards.

Knock Knock are playing tomorrow. Someone tell me where? They are playing first on the bill, I know that. Dead Western is playing at Lunas. I always forget about Lunas and have been wanting to check it out.

Also, the Nichiren Buddhist Church (5191 24th Street) is having their annual bazaar this weekend, 11-5 saturday and sunday. They're going to have food, including Hawaiian/Japanese style food.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your $5 comment. While some people may have a hard time initially paying $8-$10 for a show, they have to understand how difficult it is for an artist to survive on a measly door cut. Especially when they are on tour.

Paying an extra $3 can mean an extra $60 bucks per band on a three band bill with a good turnout.


Anonymous said...

$7 or $8 is what people will go for. $10 starts cutting in to attendance. Sucks but it's true.


Anonymous said...

The Knock Knock show is at Ironsides.

archbishop said...

The pre-flight is great. Although it seems like a place you need to be a regular at to fully appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I think $5 for all local shows and 7-8 for shows with touring bands is good. But $8 for 3 local bands, even if one of those bands included me, is too much.

Anonymous said...

did you really invoke the word "scrump"? Is that like a scrot-flavoured dump?


Anonymous said...

Big surprise!

It's off at Bricka Bracka. The show has moved to the witchdome 8pm.


Anonymous said...

From Liz Liles myspace bulliten:






there you go kids. Go play.

chris t.

Anonymous said...

Shows like these need a real venue where people are forced to pay something. Too many people show up and don't donate.

archbishop said...

I remember jokingly calling a kid a deadbeat at the loft when I was collecting donations. Had enough for beers but not enough for the band. Said skinhead deadbeat just about kicked my ass but since I had it coming, nothing was going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I just snapped my fingers but a "real venue" didn't appear out of thin air.