Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm so in love with brew

I'm pouring at the Brewfest at Raley Field tomorrow.  Should be fun.  The website really needs to give more info  about what breweries will be there.  It's 50 bucks for VIP tix fer chrissakes.  I know that Moonlight and Triple Rock will be a couple of the special brews.  I have requested to be pouring something good so I may be involved with one of those.  I better not get stuck pouring Monkey Knife Fight.

Have you guys ever seen the movie Clean, Shaven?  Wow.  Even more impressive when you know the budget was 60 grand.  It's really 90s in a Twin Peaks, good type of way.  Don't watch it if you can't handle watching someone peel their fingernail off.  Actually, I did not watch that part either.

Thor is pretty good, by my radically lowered standards for current releases.  Thor himself is the best part.  He's a great Thor.  Natalie Portman is the worst part. She's a terrible Natalie Portman.  I don't think they exploited the theme of Thor as a fish out of water on planet earth for enough laughs.  We all agreed that if Thor had come out in the 80s Thor would have ended up rapping and/or breakdancing.

And you all know that Saturday is the big ORMFstravaganza.  DJ Rick gave ticket details in the post below, including how to get discounted tickets.


beckler said...

p.s.-Clean, Shaven is Criterion Collection released, so you know it's good.

beckler said...

Hmmmn...Le Bonne Soupe to reopen. I hope this couple doesn't change anything...except the CD! Am I the only one who is confused over whether they are using his recipes or not? I am a skimmer when it comes to internet reading

Anonymous said...

Daniel said he's "keeping his recipes" which seems like it would be pretty stressful for whoever is opening it under the same name. Good one on the CD!