Thursday, February 07, 2013

bao lowdown

Got bao for everyone at work at Lam Kwong.  They have a special with a dozen in a pink box for 11 bucks!  The lady was showing a regular customer CM's article.  I asked about Cheung Hing and she said they were retiring.  The customer said she remembered going there as a kid when it was called I think she said Fu Lan?

Not impressed with the har gao or sui mai.  The har gao wrapper was not cooked enough or something.  Bao is really good. Very fresh and doughy.

Lam Kwong is certainly a lot cleaner than Cheung Hing but I think at Cheung the flavor was leaking out of the walls onto the food.


beckler said...

saw zero dark thirty. I thought the bullshit torture was a small part of the movie from all the media accounts and it's like half the movie! and it totally asserts that torture works! i would never have seen it if I knew it was for so long.

The big denouement is the takedown of Bin Laden and I know he is a horrible, horrible guy but pretending 40 Navy Seals are badasses for entering a compound with like 3 untrained guys and a bunch of women and children is pretty dumb. I'm not saying it was not hard, but they knew from surveillance that he wasn't exactly well guarded. Maybe the guys were trained bodyguards, I didn't really read about it at the time. But they acted pretty foolishly in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Gotta stick with just bao at Lam Kwong! I got the world's grossest sui mai there.


Anonymous said...

I like some of the dumplings from Lam Kwong. That said I am super not picky and appreciate the easy ordering, close to many things location and cleanliness.

I usually eyeball them first for sure though.

I should start doing food reviews for lazy people who are also in a bit of a hurry.


Anonymous said...

It's tough for me to get into a film like ZD30 when TV like HOMELAND has richer character development and stronger plot twists. So much rush in cinema. The torture didn't make me uneasy, for some reason. The film's end at the compound was total first-person POV American porn. I found myself kinda laughing during it; hard to suspend disbelief.


beckler said...

for balance, they should have shown them torturing a guy who was later proven to be wrongly accused

Anonymous said...

the sequel, Zero Dark Thirty-one, will just feature a bunch of videos of drones blowing up people for 3 hours.

-Duece Bigalow

beckler said...

I'm glad people are finally talking about drones. It makes me laugh when stupid tea partiers bag on obama because unfortunately he is totally a hawk and almost as shadily secretive about defense as bush.