Friday, February 22, 2013


Hellsa beer events (that's more than hella) this weekend.  Hot City is having a shit ton of sours, starting tonight. That's a big one.  And the bows berryessa night is: Jesus Christ, does anyone know? That events calendar is not user friendly.  Don't wanna miss it. aha, feb 26th, oh yea, and alkali flats!  the sac beer week website also sux. it takes days to page through it.

oh wait, does hot city start tomorrow?

If I have time today I will list IMHO the best and lamest beer week events (Hoppy Brewing will factor heavily in one of these)

Victoria Dalkey finally mentioned Bows cuz of the Stegall show.  She gave it a really backhanded compliment as a gallery. I think it's weird that her first review there had to be for a guy that's been around the local scene for so damn long.  Surely the Elizabeth Higging O'Connor/Liv Moe show warranted some attention.


gee whz said...

I think Hot City starts tonight. Anyone going to the Charlie Bamforth thing at New Helvetia on Monday?


beckler said...

Scott said Saturday

gee whz said...

Ransacked made a easier to read schedule.

gee whz said...

That's wrong too. Anyway, here's a list. It's bananas!


captch lisanal: kind of a mean nickname for Lisa.

Anonymous said...

His and Hers Beer Notes night at Low Brau on Thursday the 28th.


Anonymous said...

Yes: Bows and Arrows February 26th. Berryessa, New Belgium, The Alkali Flats, and Cactus Pete Stegall spinning 78's!