Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wow, the Berryessa event was off the fucking chain! The brewer said it was his favorite event.  I was also very gratified to hear that he loved the article and the pics.  I am on a roll with that and the Stegall article as far as lots of good vibes flowing to me, which is really why I do it.

Bows dealt with the lines and I was worried about the time it would take to get my food but it was fine.  My first IPA went straight to the dome, I guess cuz it was like 740 and I hadn't eaten much.

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Bummed to have missed it.

Not to change the subject, but since when did Scientologists start using Undietacos?

Sat, 3/9
Theatrical performance (radio theater style) of L. Ron Hubbard’s humorous adventure “Tough Old Man”. Doors open 12:30 PM, show starts 1 PM. Produced by the Golden Age Theater.
Church of Scientology Sacramento, 1007 6th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
1:00, $Free, all ages For info: 916.319.5440 or


Anonymous said...

The Scientoligists is a band. Wood house is recording them.