Tuesday, February 12, 2013

can't take the grind!

soo...some of you may have noticed that there was a new food reviewer in the SNR this week: Garrett McCord.  I could not take the grind of the deadlines and using ALL my meals out for reviews.  Scott was about to kill me.  I lasted 6 months.  I will now go to once a month and focus on cheap eats, which I enjoy a million times more than any type of fine dining or "new American" cuisine.

I feel proud that I lasted so long and would like to point out (not that I'm defensive) that the reviewers for at least the last 7 years before me were both full-time freelancers.  As you know I have a full time and somewhat demanding job.

I look forward to my once a month gig and turning people on to new spots.

The English Singles were way intense at the house show yesterday.  They are in cracking good form because they've been practicing a lot for their upcoming UK gigs.  Nacho Business and Rose were really good, too.


beckler said...

oh yeah, neighbor - call scott at his old number because of the phone theft! you should come over and help us roast coffee if you want. or we could come there.

Anonymous said...

Funny that the same week you dropped off the popcorn popper (thanks!), Cooks Illustrated had an article on how to make coffee in one. Can you remind me again the places in town that sell the unroasted beans?


beckler said...

I just emailed the pepper peddler if we can buy a green jar since we like his coffee

Anonymous said...

Right on! Writing is hard! I have basically stopped, some times you have to choose sanity. Though I was really hoping for a takedown on Mah Jong's.

Have you seen this article? finally the Safeway beer aisle makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

Green Beans in Town: Old Soul (alley), Insight, Naked (warehouse on Bway). Best to get green beans from sweetmarias.com. I have delivered a pound of green for giggles and sh^ts.

I am available this weekend if you want some tutoring!
Smiller can email me with his #, and I'll call back.

-The Neighbor