Thursday, February 28, 2013

watch for the surprise

I would like to urge you to watch this at least until you see the giant couch.  Also, there's a special surprise at 3:11


beckler said...

I am so deep in a Cash Money records video hole and I don't want to come out. I think it's a travesty that Back That Azz Up video has less than one million views. Lil Weezy has a cameo at the end!

beckler said...

I think Juvenile and E-40 are my two favorite rappers ever.

Rosalitahead said...

Revisit tricky daddy, you won't be sorry.


undercover caterer said...

Get ready to receive the miracle of me? AHAHAHAHA He is so creepy. Oh crap, i just saw 3:11. Thanks A LOT.

beckler said...

you can't unsee it!

do you mean trick daddy? trina!

I would like to posit the theory that the Big Tymers are responsible for the phrase "bling bling". In 14 years it has traveled from the magnolia projects to my mom's mouth