Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ultimate props

Awesome! Marie's Donuts got a shoutout from Jan and Michael Stern in the new Saveur.  That is the ultimate compliment for an American homestyle spot as far as I'm concern.  I have to respectfully point to that as another reason why I disagree with BAR about his donut article from a while back.  I know his main point was that donut shops in town (including Marie's) all use the same mix, but they must be using some magic than because I'm sure J and M sampled more than just Marie's.

When Rose M. was in town recently to play she named Marie's as one of the top spots she wanted to take her friend to.

I am taking a dozen to work ASAP.  I still have heard nothing good about Doughbot except that there bacon bread pudding for bacon fest was really good.  I want to try it again soon, though.

Did I imagine this article? I remember we got into a discussion about it in person.


Liv Moe said...

No it was for real. It was not long after Doughbot opened and folks at Verge kept bringing them in to share so I got to try a lot of them. They were pretty heavy, sometimes rubbery, sometimes bland so Blair's article suprised me. I still get one occasionally at Insight or Broadacre. They're okay.

Anonymous said...

I've never made donuts, but I know from experience that two people using the exact same pancake mix can end up with very different pancakes. Why would donuts be any different?

undercover caterer said...


Anonymous said...

I too like the bacon bread pudding from Doughbot. The regular donuts have a weird texture when you bite down. Tin-like?

beckler said...

adk- you were the one I was talking about as far as personal rec.

I thought about it and my post was stupid. It's not like our city can only have one donut spot that's good. I'm pitting old fashioned against new fashioned. They ccan both exist side by side. I apologize to BAR if he read that.

I was super sick yesterday so SM bought me Gunther's Rocky Road and I ate it and watched a new Criminal Minds. That made getting sick almost worth it.

Anonymous said...

I love it that adk took a copy of Saveur to show it the Marie's ladies!!


Anonymous said...

I got you sick, didn't I? I kind of knew it was happening when I heard you sneeze, but I what could I do?

Natalie Rose said...

Palm Springs fever.

Its not all plastic surgery and hipsters by the pool.

Hopefully I avoided it.


beckler said...

I think that picture of Rip Taylor got me sick.

beckler said...

or made me well