Wednesday, February 13, 2013

pliny, brah

Louis CK was good last night.  He went almost an hour and a half and it flew by.  He didn't lay on the contempt for Sacramento very thick compared to other comics I've seen but I really do get sick of that.  It's dispiriting to pay a bunch of money to see a comic and just have him bag on us for all being tweakers or whatever.  But I guess nobody ever said comedians were nice.  Pretty much what he said was he only came to Sac to practice in a round theater since he's shooting his next special in Phoenix in a round theater.  Phoenix is the real piece of shit city, not us!

BAR did a nice piece on Pliny The Younger insanity in the Bee today.  Sometimes I feel like Pliny (mostly the Elder) is the only beer in the world.  It's insane.  There are plenty of really good IPAs and double IPAs out there.  The people behind me at Louis CK were talking about it.  I cannot believe that so far the few comments on the Bee are totally reasonable! I figured they would all be about people being alcoholics.


ninja said...

Did ESingles crew go to RR brewery for PtY? I was going to try and worm my way in when they went if there was room. I do care like 200% less this year compared to last but it still sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't really have time to go when there wouldn't have been a crazy line. Kind of over it as well. I did have fun last year though.


ninja said...

take me with you if you go during the "off season" with the dudes.

when are you guys playing the UK?

also, on facebook, Chris Clavin was asking about that Cupertino band, Tickle, that had Jesse from the Nards. I remembered they existed but not much more than that. Were they ever on any SSC comps?

beckler said...

In the new Lucky Peach Harold McGee samples aged canned food (!) from Corti's pantry. Of course Corti is aging spam in his pantry, are you suprised? According the McGee there is a flavor difference that comes with aging in some canned foods.

Another article goes on and on about a guy who is "obsessed" with preserving food. Have I talked about how much I am over people claiming to be obsessed with something as an excuse to write a food article? I have? Let me say it again. What about "interested"? Can't anyone just be interested in anything anymore? Or "curious"? Or "intrigued"?