Monday, February 11, 2013

yo bro, got any mice?

Tonight! Rose Melberg, English Singles, Nacho Bisness at 723 M st., Davis at 7:30.  It will really start somewhat on time since it's a house show.  You can have an economical meal at Huong Lan first.  Does the new downown Davis Huong Lan escape the Davis restaurant curse? Yes and no.  The grilled pork banh mi is tasty, but the grilled pork is gray and does not even remotely resemble the delicious grilled pork at the one in South Sac.  A TV plays pictures of the sandwiches and in the pictures they have shredded lettuce and tomatoes (?).  I was all like hell naw, but then our sandwiches didn't contain that. 

I have always thought that I will have arrived when I get interviewed.  I've interviewed I don't know how many people, but I do know that my tape recorder has almost 100 files on it right now and that I started out with one with actual mini cassette tapes.  I was interviewed last night with two others for a round table discussion and now I am even more sympathetic to the fact that people often trip out and worry they said something dumb.  Also, every time I interview someone in the food community (or beer) they usually want to talk some crap off the record (as we did), but they often don't really say off the record, it's understood, and I of course always leave it OTR.  However, if you were looking for some dirt you wouldn't have to cut it out and there's not a lot they could do.  And then add a drink or two, which is par for the course and before you know it John Mayer is saying that his dick is like David Duke.  Last night I compared my (metaphorical) dick to Guy Fieri (fat and ringed with bleached blond hair?), no wait Anthony Bourdain (leathery ex-junkie), no wait Paula Deen (chubby and oozing butter), oh god, sorry everyone.
I wanted to ride to Berryessa Brewing AGAIN this weekend, so we did.  From the beginning of the bike trail  on Russell.  The weather was pretty but there was a pretty intense and cold wind at time, which sucked.
speaking of dicks, check out the shadow that my boner is casting!
You ride over this graffitied bridge on the way and this hawk was chilling really close to us.
It's all like "yo bro, see any mice?" Don't you hate it when people pretend that animals are saying dumb things?

Double Tap IPA
cacti on the way

Keith Cary and Co.  This was some very relaxing and pleasant music.  The banjo case has some banjo related humor on it which I don't grok.

ride home! It was 16 miles each way which pretty much killed my soul and it was dark when we got back to the car.  I preferred riding from the beginning of Putah Creek Road, which is a few miles less.
Still, the ride is awesome!


Liv Moe said...

Personally, I think your shadow looks more like a lighthouse but then you know me, I like to keep things classy.

beckler said...

I hear that my dick looks like a lighthouse a lot! Or a grain silo.

undercover caterer said...

Of course I thought of about twenty things I should've asked last night. DUH. Could've been the fact that I drank half a bottle of wine due to nerves.

talkaboutcharles said...

Animals talking is funny. But what that hawk really said was way cooler than that.

beckler said...

do tell! "I wish I could rip out your eyes with my magnificent talons"?

beckler said...

or how about just "got mice?"

Natalie Rose said...

Nope.(I think we have discussed this)


talkaboutcharles said...

"I'm gonna watch you like a me"

beckler said...

he has an italian accent? If anything, he would probably have kind of a cowboy, central valley kind of thing going on.