Tuesday, March 26, 2013

blah blah

Everybody left me hanging with my dorking out below, but that's ok, I can take it. 

Turns out that God unleashed the ten plagues on the Pharoah and peeps to punish him for messing with the Chosen People. Boom!  I didn't remember that.  Out of the plague finger puppets I got cattle plague, scott got locusts. I personally think rain of blood is the most badass plague.  Imagine the cleanup! It would be clotting everywhere, and get like, under your fingernails and stuff.  Would it be human blood or animal? Or maybe all the blood combined.  God can pretty much do whatever he wants, which is why I wonder why he wouldn't do a rain of poo. I guess it's not as frightening.

Passover dinner takes forever! All the bible readings and the singing and the raising the wine, etc.  At least there was a lot of joke cracking.  Scott had an elegant blue satin yarmulke.

So there I was, fretting I'd be late to see Tender Cinders. And I got fooled for the 1568th time.  The band didn't start until at least 10:30! A least lil H was fooled with me so I had someone to talk to.  They were really good, as always. Brian played a bass and two keyboards pretty much simultaneously, and sang, and made all of that look super easy.

There's a Dead Western/Christine Shields show Wednesday at Bows. Should be good.
I just watched a documentary on Leigh Bowery. I recommend it.  He was sort of a New Romantic/proto raver fashion designer with the most outlandish designs probably in human history. This is a very tame one above.


beckler said...

ok, I'm drawing the line on no comments on two posts in a row. Bitch about the arena, I don't care.

That reminds me, a pic in the Bee today of where the arena will go shows the ceramic (I think) sculptural panels manufactured by Hans Sumpf. I will chain myself to those or at the very least salvage them and put them up in my garage (note to scott: we may soon have giant, heavy sculptures filling our garage) and what about the preflight?

Anonymous said...

I think it's across the street from where the Pre-Flight is right?


Anonymous said...

Pre Flite is under Macy's, right?

If for some reason the NBA actually nixes the Seattle deal, and Sacramento actually builds the arena, they'll probably blow up the Pre Flit and put in some Elephant Bar or Yard House or whatever.


James W. said...

I'll be with you chained to the Hans Sumpf panels, if the city or developers does so much as breathe on them.

wburg said...

It would take something seriously unexpected for the Seattle sale to not happen, so don't mourn the Pre-Flite just yet. But if the sale ends up being to this new Sacramento group, kiss the Pre-Flite and the Hans Sumpf panels goodbye. They ain't 50 years old yet.

beckler said...

I will raise a stink, that's for sure. A mighty stink.

yolkie said...

NO! Not the Pre-Flite!

Anonymous said...

The fate of the Pre-Flite is the only reason I've even given a shit about what Sacramento does with your money.

-A man from out of town

Gretchen said...

SacMod is working right now regarding the panels designed by artist/architect Al Sanchez and fabricated by Hans Sumpf with the collaboration of their art director John Bennet. More here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicpear/9418572541/