Friday, March 22, 2013

casual friday

OMG you guys, I finally saw Screature and they are so fucking good!! I loved it! I didn't even know it had three beautiful ladies in it.

Spring Breakers opens today.  Anyone excited? I am somewhat excited.  No, which is a different movie, opens at Tower.  It looks really, really good.  It's filmed in a really authentic looking 80s TV style, and since it's a true story from the Pinochet era in Chile (hope I'm not getting this wrong) they can seamlessly blend in lots of TV clips from that era.  What a great idea!  Stoker opens at the Tower, too. That movie looks hella dumb.  Boy, Nicole Kidman has been in some terrible movies lately, although I am definitely renting the one where she pees on Zac Efron.

If you can read this story without tearing might just be a redneck. Oops, I mean robot.  There was a teen nerd robotics conference at UCD yesterday, which is pretty fucking cute.  The teams had team tshirts on and stuff.

You know what the best thing about the Halloween Show is? It gives our whole social group something to talk about and debate.  Now that Lost is over and the vast majority of us are not into sports, it's great to have something super fun to talk about.

I am so caffeinated right now.  I thought I might puke for a minute.  And I'm about to go pick up Marie's donuts to celebrate Casual Friday, which I do not participate in.  I'm wearing cashmere. Since I have been usurped as work team suckup I now default to work team snob.  But I'm trying to control my impulses in that area.  Nobody likes the team snob.


Cody said...

I also miss having something that everyone can talk about. Remember the arm wrestling competition? I think it was kinda Tower vs Crest, but Karlos vs. Katy B was the main event. I baaaaaarely beat NH, but just barely. I lost every other match, I think.

Anyways, we should do something like that. Maybe the suburban Olympics? Elk Grove vs. Yuba vs. Citrus Heights/O'vale? It looks like certain members of the Yuba faction need to be knocked down a few pegs, judging by the comments on your last post.

Anonymous said...

Cody, someday I will challenge you again. Not yet mind you, but someday.
Consider yourself on notice Scott.


Madeline Sabatoni said...

You're on, Cody!

And hey if you can't defend your home town to a shit thrower like yourself, what kind of person are you?!

Anonymous said...

I do like the idea of "Cashmere Friday" more than "casual Friday", unless it's a reference to Led Zeppelin.

beckler said...

Kashmir Friday! We just smoke hella hash and lounge on pillows and listen to Zepellin. Kinda sounds like heaven. Maybe this year I will finally have the Led Zeppelin summer I've been thinking about.

Wait, we actually know people from Elk Grove? I guess I'll throw my Lincoln lot in with the Yubans. We gotta get Rancho in there somewhere. Then there's the College Greens faction.

beckler said...

I just want you all to know: Yuba City/Marysville was where we Lincolnites went when we were goin' to the Big City to see a movie and eat at Carls Jr.

beckler said...

By the way, I'm really in no danger of being perceived as the team snob. Besides lively disagreements in the millions of meetings I go to every week, I think I am really nice to everyone. I have worked with enough different types of people to find something I can relate to in almost everybody.

Shannon said...

Also, if you would like a date to see "NO", I'm your lady. I'll wear cashmere.

beckler said...

Well, you know, thrift store cashmere. I've never bought it new in my life. Especially since it often ends up with moth holes. I've never seen one fucking moth but they're there.

I'll let you know about No. I am definitely seeing it. I guess it's part of a loose trilogy by this same director. The other two are based in the Pinochet era and this one is at the end.

ninja said...

Summer 2013: Zeppilen and UFC!