Wednesday, March 13, 2013

quick post

The English Singles Disaster single got reviewed in Still Single.  Wow, what a great review! It does make it sound like a Scott Miller solo record, though.  Their new, new single is out on Slumberland.  You can obtain one by....stopping by our house. Seriously, though smiller has about 50 copies.

Ugh, my new job is going to make me so boring for a while (as opposed to how exciting I've always been?) I think I will mostly be tweeting about office supplies and my office.

Are you ready for some horrible food photos? Don't hate, I had to take them with my phone.  I reviewed Gold Town Chinese and I'm telling you it's worth a visit.  I can't say whether it's worth a trip to Davis.  Ugly pictures after the jump

I had never gotten the steamed baby buns because I thought they were bao. They are teeny little dumplings that are really good. I know I should be more descriptive but whatevs.
Pea shoots! They are always out of all the vegetables here so this was a treat. Pretty much just salty with a little sesame oil, not too exciting, but they were lightly cooked.

This is my jam! Spicy cold beef tendon salad with celery and cucumber!  Gold Town is so popular (I hope my review helped) that they sell out of almost everything by the afternoon.


undercover caterer said...

I was just wondering how your new job was. I am trying (in vain) to edit our interview thingy. I think I'm down to 2000 words. From 6000. UGH.
The pea shoot thing looks good to me. What is the texture of the tendon? I always shy away because I think it will be too weird.

beckler said...

As tendons go, it's firm. I like them either firm or soft (that's what she said?) but if the real melty stuff grosses you out this would be the way to go. Plus the other flavors, like chile. smiller still does not like it, though