Wednesday, March 06, 2013


 Cleaning out my desk after ten years and coming across all these discs of photos.  I am trying to not drown in nostalgia.  Remember these little guys?  This was '08.  I'm still stoked I was the first person who ever wrote about them.  They really were something special.  I'm getting all choked up.
 Oh man, and this show? What was the name of this house? Fuck, why don't I ever go see the Oh Sees? I wish they would play in Sac.
I have been looking for more old Halloween show photos and realized that I have lost some photo files over time.  Oh well. I have more than I could ever organize in a lifetime, anyway.  However, here's a post I did in 2008, the year of Yacht Rock.  Already five years ago, can you believe it?  There was a post I did a few weeks before about SM listening to the Dead all the time and how weak it is and how terrible the voices are.  What a difference five years makes!  I of course disgraced myself as usual. But hopefully in a funny way. 26 comments! Remember the days before facebook? My glory days.


Anonymous said...


I miss that place.

I had forgotten almost everything about yacht Rock except GD and the Doodah man. So many things ruled that year.

Remember that Jamattack! and Nic were wearing the same outfit?


beckler said...

Yeah, I thought it might be Witchdome. I have some photos of like,, jackie o motherfucker and maybe tyvek playing upstairs? god I miss going to shows!

holy crap, speaking of the oh sees, they got played at the yves saint laurent show.

beckler said...

actually, I don't think that band was jackie o. I don't know what the fuck they were called. It had a dude dressed like a lady

Anonymous said...




HK said...

I think you're thinking of Connie Fucking Francis?

Bob Burns and the Breakups played too.

Lots of good shows there!

Back when I left the house.


DJ Rick said...

That show also had David Copperfuck. One of those guys pointed at Smiller and asked "Isn't that guy from the Bananas?" When I said "yes", he seemed starstruck. That band was awesome and super-fun.

DJ Rick said...

Just searched my Gmail for full details of that show on Fri 6/8/2007. I remember there being major confusion surrounding that show. I had booked Bob Burns & the Breakups as a favor for Mario, and then David Copperfuck and Connie Fucking Francis asked for a show the same date while I had just begun shopping for local poppy-punk openers. I'd been burning for a chance to throw a David Copperfuck show here, so I couldn't resist. Always preferring tight 3-band bills but also hating all-touring-bands/no-locals bills, I was waiting for confirmation from The Pizzas to play a tight 4-band bill with DC & CFF sharing gear because the Bananas and Four Eyes were not available.

Then I found out a few weeks earlier at Maximum Freedom that Zac Nelson (who was pitching a tent in the backyard of Witchdome at the time) had booked a show there on the same night. Neither of us wanted to yield to the other with only a few weeks to go, so we axed the Pizzas and negotiated a share of the house where Zac's bands (including the surprisingly fun Ill Ease (who reminded me of The Hospitals if Adam Stonehouse was a lady) and Acid Cop, and some terrible a'capella loop-based group from Petaluma) played the basement, and the other bands played upstairs in the living room.

Amazingly, the whole show happened in less than three hours, and it was a fun night, which compensated for the stress that went into making that show happen.

beckler said...

Zac Nelson was always pitching a tent! Zing!

I think it's funny that I confused David Copperfuck, Connie Fucking Francis and Jackie 0 Motherfucker

DJ Rick said...

Well, some of the music downstairs that night might've brought JOMF to mind. Both at their best, and their worst.