Friday, March 15, 2013

toddler wall

Okkkaaayyyy...I'll post again to alleviate the embarrassment of the post below.  Not a lot of Elliot Gould aficionados out there, I get it.  Perhaps his appearances in Ocean 11 and Friends have muddied the waters.  He did lose his looks pretty fast.

Vegan tofu banh mi from the Star Ginger truck on campus. Not bad.  At least it was spicy. The taste was really overwhelmed by the too-soft bread.  Hopefully I can figure out some way to leave a bike around here so that I can bike to Huong Lan really quickly.

Bok Kai parade in Marysville tomorrow! I'm super excited.  Mark my words, someone is eventually going to be a hit by a careening Shriner in a tiny car and it ain't gonna be me.  I usually position myself behind a wall of toddlers.

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