Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ultimate fighting

Crap! I missed that ultimate fighting match, I forgot! Davey, what's the next big one? And can you send me an email reminder every day until it happens and then every hour on the day of? Thanks.

Yay! Screature tomorrow at Poleline house.  Not sure why they always play first but they are playing first at 8.  Davis Beer Shoppe had an off the chain tap list yesterday for their birthday, so maybe they will have some of the kegs left tomorrow, although smiller said he waited 30 minutes to get in the door so maybe not.

Anybody ever seen Day of the Jackal? It's rad but so long that I am now on my second night of falling asleep and having to stop it.  That makes it feel like a dream.

8th day of work and I am starting to like it. It makes me feel smart and competent rather than like kind of a slacker, which despite the fact that I am Gen X is a demoralizing feeling.


ninja said...

If you missed saturday's UFC then you missed some hot Donkey Guard action, then!

I think there is another UFC on 4/27 with Sonnen vs Jon Bones Jones. There might be one before that, like a "Free on Fox" type thing.

beckler said...

not until april 27th? what if I'm dead by then?

ninja said...

There is an event on April 13 that has a Sacto fighter in the main event (Faber: The California Kid). Its on some cable channel. TNT or TBS or something.

Free on Fox on April 20th is a pretty good line up. I'll totally watch it live if i'm home since I can get it over the antenna. Stockton fighter (nate diaz) is fighting. Also Joel's favorite, Frank Mir (not really joel's favorite). The event is in San Jose, cheapest seats are like $64, wowza. decent seats are like $275

The April 27 pay per view main event should be good and there are also two of my favs fighting in separate non-main-event matches (bisping and roy 'big country" nelson)

beckler said...

Dude! Urijah Faber is from my home town! PLus, he is a cute little guy.