Monday, March 25, 2013

dorkin out

Whenever I go see Tatiana (of Daisy Spot) and her husband Brian play in whatever musical venture they currently have going, I feel like I am privileged enough to see something magical that for some reason most people can't feel.  Does that make sense? Scott and I both feel this way.  I have memories of the first time I saw Daisy Spot, at the Guild, maybe 17 years ago.  I still remember songs from that show that I probably have never heard them sing again.  I remember seeing Scott drumming in their kid band, Friendly Creatures, which had hilarious songs about the ice cream man.  I remember a show at Bows that I wished would go on forever, instead of feeling impatient for the set to end like I usually do.  A few  months back, Scott and I got word of a party they were playing at, some project that didn't even have a name maybe, with their friends and a huge assortment of drums and keyboards and lot of noisemakers.  We just watched them play in a garage, to less than ten people and I really could not believe my ears.  I felt like I couldn't stop smiling.  I don't know, magical is the only word.

I wo n't even go into how ridiculously beautiful those two are (the two on the right here), or how Bryan looks like the coolest dude on the block from 1972 and Tatiana just keep getting more lovely every year.  Oh my god, I am dorking out real bad.  I grabbed this pic from the web and it turned out to be an old MidMo picture.  It's from an article Gballz wrote about, hey here's a coincidence, Magic Moments from shows over the years!

Which is all to say that their current project, Tender Cinders, is playing at The Press tonight around 9.  It's also some Northern Soul night and they're the only band playing.


Anonymous said...

no comments? well here's one. i found the daisy spot 7" for a dollar at the WFMU record fair in NYC. sweet deal.

- chapslick

beckler said...

was scharpling there? funniest guy!!

Anonymous said...

Wesaw them one time at the Hub. They were so good, but seem to play so infrequently that it's a crime.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of MidMo why doesn't anyone ever frame our articles and put them up in their place of business? I think that the Bee and SNR probably frame them and sell them.

My WFMU crush is Ken Freeedman.


beckler said...

Mine is Todd Barry!! I love him so much. He is really funny on twitter and won't bombard you with tweets.

Yeah, they must do it for businesses and charge. I think Thai Thai posted my review. That't it. It's funny at Asian Cafe the dude knows I wrote the snr review of them and he is super nice in general but didn't seem to give a crap that I had done that. Must not have brought in much business, despite 4 and a half stars!!

Anonymous said...

The last time I was at Pine Tree House, they had maybe three copies of the Midmo write-up hung up in different parts of the restaurant: one at the register, one by the can, and one near the kitchen.