Friday, March 29, 2013

fuck it to the max

Someone told me last night that Timberlake sang with the Flaming Lips at SXSW, but how can this be true when the internet doesn't know about it? He said he sang "do you realize".  But this guy wasn't there because he left during the show?!?  Glad to see Master P played at the Red Bull stage.

Can't believe my last post was Tuesday.  Work is intense and getting intenser. Did my first safety walk through with my fly down.

Four Eyes/Troublemakers 20th anniversary shows tomorrow at old i!! Insane.  I thought the Troublemakers started playing in the early 60s? Which would mean they are having their 50th anniversary but maybe they are being vain about their ages.  We all know Stan doesn't age and just goes into a cryogenic chamber every night.

Was honored to be invited to the opening of Pangaea's sour bar last night. They have turned the bottle shop room into a lovely bar with all sours! I can't even believe this is happening in Sacramento. We have come a long way. I don't even know of any other sour bars anywhere?  This man has a vision and is pretty much the coolest, warmest guy in the world, Rob that is.  There was talk of the need to move Sac beer week so it is not a week after SF beer week.  If we do that, people will travel from the Bay to come. And that would actually be an organic thing that makes Sac look good rather than the golden "four billionaires" that Steve Hansen is so hot on.  Fuck that quote to the max.  Who gives a shit if four billionaires see Sac as a cash cowtown that they can milk before we catch on.


Anonymous said...

Where's the article with the Hansen quote? That is way cool about Pangaea!


Anonymous said...

Also, beer week should be *after* payday, not the week before. I'm ALL for moving it.

-The Neighbor

PS- Come to Easter at The Ranch, starts at 3pm... BEER HUNT!

beckler said...

We may be having a halloween show roundtable but I want to come to the compound really bad.

Speaking of easter, (jay and natalie do not read any farther) I saw a beautiful, orangish, big bunny in the gutter on 25th and r yesterday afternoon. of course it hopped away from me. i knocked on the door of the nearest house and they weren't home but they had a bunny cage on the porch with wilted greens. i pray that they are just some weird people who let a bunny run around. yes, this bunny was real, and no it didn't talk to me. scott saw it.

beckler said...

"We have four billionaires who've essentially said Sacramento is worthy," said Councilman Steve Hansen, who had initially urged the vote be postponed but now called the plan a good one. "This is our opportunity. This is our moment."

Read more here:

beckler said...

one of the most crazy things about the movie searching for sugarman (which is full of crazy things) is that there used to be a club in detroit called the sewer

i am so caffeinated. i have the day off and have only had a cup of strong coffee today. did you guys notice?

Anonymous said...

Dude, I will have to send you some crazy links that make the narrative of the sugarman movie flawed. Sorry to debby downer it. I enjoyed it still.

Thanks for the link.

DJ Rick said...

What is up with all these bunny stencils getting spraypainted everywhere. I noticed a few around my neighborhood, including this one on the sign of the former Jon's Furniture & Electronics near Thrift Town on Stockton Blvd...

The first time I saw one, I thought it was sorta like NoBunny's version of the Bat Symbol.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Timberlake played with the Flaming Lips. Guido was at that show and he said (Natalie and Jay don't read any further) that is was the most boring show he had ever seen.


Roundtable at the Ranch! JK.

Anonymous said...

I read further. You both broke the internet.

I had to try and track down the flaming lips are boring/Timberlake rumours you ladies are spreading.

Heres what I learned.
The lips played stuff which by all accounts is pretty dark and trippy. Even the new stage set up sounded a bit more art rock and
a lot less confetti and laser hands.

Not the show for a casual fan for sure. I can see how it could be boring, Wayne Coyne even admits some of the new songs are rough on a crowd.

They pulled someone out on stage wearing a ski mask during do you realize that he joked
was timberlake. But it was really revealed to be a dude from My Morning Jacket.


Natalie Rose said...

new stuff, they played new stuff.
new, dark stuff.

Clarifying, always clarifying.


Scott Miller said...

New. Dark. Stuff.

Zoso said...

Rob=Awesome! Not that I'm all beer knowing, but I've never heard of an all sour bar before. Pretty rad.

beckler said...

I have to see the flaming lips sometime in my life. I dropped the ball on that. and diamond. and willy nelson. i am a fool for balking at 75 bucks recently to see diamond. an abject fool