Monday, April 01, 2013

pretty much for the neighbor only

Dear Neighbor-
Thanks for the invite to your fun party.  Sux that it got majorly rained out after we left. Guphy and I sat and watched it through my front window and listened to Ladies of the Canyon.  You should give Joni Mitchell a chance.  Speaking of that, it is very important to me and smiller that you come around to the Grateful Dead. Let me make my case:

1) One reason people hate the Dead is that they associate it with the bullshit it became in the 80s and 90s (and maybe late 70s).  That is not fair! Would you go see the Rolling Stones now and say that they suck and you could never get into them?  OF COURSE NOT

2) Due to your love of traditional country you have judged them harshly on covers they have done that you didn't like.  You can't judge any band on covers.  They in general do really bad covers, and Weir especially picks totally cheesy ones.

3) You like country rock so it makes no sense to reject the Dead entirely.

4) You like New Rider with Jerry. Boom!

5) When I have time, I will make you a comp that will knock your socks off.  No Pigpen, no Donna Godchaux screeching, no Weir when his voice is at it's worst.  Kreutzmann is such a badass drummer and when Jerry is in the zone there is nothing like it.  Not to mention when  Phil drops a major Phil bomb.

6) once you are into that, you can start delving into the very best of the live shows. The vibes still emanate from these recordings.  Once you hear a crowd that are probably all peaking on acid get psyched at the first few notes of a favorite song you can't resist.

I think I covered it, although Scott may have a few more points. I expect to hear the sounds of the Dead emanating from your side of the building by this summer (the Dead sound best in the summer played outside, or preferably played while you are driving on hiway 1)


ninja said...

Now on my list of "thing to do that i'll never get around to doing": create a video of UFC highlights synced to a Grateful Dead song

Anonymous said...

Also, this in the Laurel Canyon book I read (ok, listened to.)


Anonymous said...

I totally tried to make that a link.

DJ Rick said...

Here you go!

beckler said...

I've had a coupla pretty funny tweetes lately if I do say so myself (I do)

Anonymous said...

you left out....#unhumblebrag

beckler said...

which one should I have put that on? I never could use hashtags in a funny way so I stopped. oh you mean for saying some of my tweets are funny? I guess confidence is a brag? Sorry after all these years (9 blogging, six or seven freelancing) that I'm confident about some of my writing

beckler said...

glad to see you drank your daily dose of haterade, however. It contains the RDA of of trolling

beckler said...

ugh these were some terrible jokes and I actually did not care

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Gbomb for comin' over and hangin' out!

Anthem of the Sun is just okay. The rest of the stuff I have no use for. I hate hippies, even though they are a necessary evil to keep the trees flowing. I don't like "country rock", because that *usually* involves Eagles and crap like Poco. I like Gram Parsons, but it's not my fault a bunch of folks got his message wrong. Jerry should have stuck with banjo and fiddle tunes. Old and in the Way is rad.
No matter how much I smoke, I will never be down with GD.

Now let's talk about Kool Keith. I'm pretty sure he's the greatest MC ever.

PS- Have y'all roasted coffee again yet? Did that batch I did at my place turn out?

PPS- The name of the Laurel Canyon book I read is "Hotel California" my favorite part is Doug Dillard- ACID HEAD... you'd never think a star of The Andy Griffith Show would chase psychedelics so fervently.

beckler said...

You would never think Cary Grant and Doris Day would drop hella acid either, but they did. Before it was illegal. Did you know that Cary Grant used to talk about it in the press all the time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I;m familiar with the homo-erotic trips of Mr. Grant.

(sorry, I was in Clear Lake without internetz for a few days)

So are you guys roasting coffee or what?!?

Also, I'm gonnna have an extra dozen eggs tomorrow or Sunday if you wanna come get some. Smiller *should* still have my number. I'll be around all weekend.

-The Neighbor