Tuesday, April 09, 2013

too old for this shit

I encourage you all to follow the link to the Halloween show blog and then that link to tumblr and please upload any pictures, even if they are on fb already. hell, upload any old ones too and maybe at some point we can organize them.

I am excited about DJ Missy at Music Box night at Ironsides. This excitement is based on her DJ set and LM's Halloween party. I bought a witchy dress specifically for this night. I always say I'm going to get more witchy and I never do, although maybe summer could be the season of the witch.  I certainly wear more black than I used to. Blah blah like you all care.

I went to see The House I Live in at a free screening at the Crest last night.  It was pretty meh. Not a lot of surprises, but I think it's along the line of An Inconvenient Truth, which lots of people who weren't paying attention tripped over. Not like I'm some expert on the drug war, but I've watched The Wire. JK, I haven't.  Davis Simon, the creator is featured prominently.  But I have read a book on the narco trade in Mexico and stuff about the CIA and crack, etc.  I did not stay for Danny Glover so I couldn't ask him if he's too old for this shit and what was up with that weird scene where his entire family sings happy birthday to him while he's in the bathtub.

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