Tuesday, April 16, 2013

who ever thought?

We had an Edible Mag meeting about a summer event we're planning.  It's going to be realllllyyyyy good, and we are making it pretty cheap so everyone will be able to come that is interested.  We are lucky enough to have SB bringing in a professional PR perspective.  We hashed everything out at LowBrau and at first she was like, "what the heck is the focus of this event?" but by the end we had pared it down to a pretty manageable scope.  And we agreed to not take the easy way out: food trucks.

Can we talk about food trucks? Have I already written about this? Can't remember.  I feel like everyone's supposed to just support their existence because of the stupid law against them and because they got trendy, etc. But are there any good ones?  I mean, the Gameday truck seemed to be a lifesaver for everybody at the Halloween show (not me since I thought it would be a good idea to eat one million beers for dinner and then choke down a five pound burrito made of grey steak at 3 in the morning), but they all seem to be lowest common denominator.

Anyway, we are gonna class up the vibe of this party since Edible is nothing if not classy, and because I am a classy broad.  It will be fun and mingly with good food.  More details to come.

Going to see Danny Brown tomorrow! Excited! Have you seen this video? It is the best. I can't believe I bought a scalped ticket on stubhub a month ago for 20 more bucks than they are going for now.  I didn't know how stubhub worked


Speaking of stubhub, I decided I don't care that that Tyler The Creator show sold out.  I don't like his record. The lyrics are stupid  masquerading as clever.


Liv Moe said...

some of the best tacos i've ever eaten come from trucks. are you talking all food trucks or just bougie new school trucks?

beckler said...

new school of course!

Anonymous said...

drool skool

DJ Rick said...

Besides the Mini Burger Truck/Krush Burger which already graduated to a restaurant, the new school bourgois foodtrucks have been kinda disappointing. Drewski's and Wicked 'Wich just reek of the "I-couldn't-draw-well-enough-to-become-a-tattoo-artist, so-now-I'm-a-chef" thing that is the only unfortunate ramification of the concept of "gourmet" becoming so democratized. Low-com-denoms, for sure!

Whether truck or regular restaurant, I'm just very skeptical anytime someone's touting "comfort food with a gourmet spin".

Anonymous said...

Danny Brown is my best rapper celebrity story. He was playing Ace of Spades last year and wrote something on Twitter. I wrote back how Sac has great weed, and then he messaged me asking to buy some, etc. Then we smoked out on his bus; he was really into Death Grips. There was all these underwears and boxer shorts hanging out to dry in the bus. Nice guy. That's it!


Anonymous said...

When is the ES event happening? Will it be at Low Brau?

I totally agree with Liv - aside from a couple of South Sac/North Highlands/Woodland/East LA gems, the best tacos I've had have been from trucks.

I got very excited about the food trucks here in LA & I still think it's fantastic that they're allowed to thrive, but only a few of them have been worth the hype (Kogi and Kalbi tacos were gristly & soggy).

The fact that the Rose Bowl food truck event is $60 per person AND THEN you also have to pay for the "top food trucks" is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard.


beckler said...

We will announce the date ASAP. It won't be at low brau. It will be at an interesting place that has never hosted a large event. We will be trailblazers.

wow, I'm surprised p eople would pay 60 bucks for the privelege of paying more. that's gonna add up to a night at a semi-fancy restaurant, or like 3 meals at the best thai places outside of thailand or whatever. dumb

beckler said...

that is a great Danny Brown story. I highly recommend the Nuardwar interview. He lost his teeth hitting a pothole on his bike in a KFC parking lot. And seriously watch the video above. It is very cute

Anonymous said...

odd future is intergalactically overrated.

any rapper that has to say "fuckin'" 23 times per song is not even trying to write.