Wednesday, April 10, 2013

bin laden weed

I started a spotify playlist on late 90s/early 2000s dirty south for my future Leap In The Dark DJing so I wouldn't forget any songs.  T.I. has been around longer than I thought.  Remember these two songs that refer to 9/11? Scandalous at the time.

maybe T.I. will play it at Discovery Park.

I had completely forgotten about this one.  It's hilarious.

here it is chopped and screwed

I am trying to get into chopped and screwed a little more.  It seems like one would have to be on some type of downers to appreciate it.  I guess that's why most of the people  making it overdosed on sizzurp

There was a ton of  good stuff coming out of Houston at that time that didn't really get big.  Lil Flip was huge (according to Riff Raff in his Nardwuare interview)

Anyhoo, probably no one is excited about this post as I am


Anonymous said...

Hold the phone. Is T.I. really playing at Discovery Park?


Anonymous said...

102.5FM festival in May


beckler said...

I'm going. I can't believe I've never seen e-40 before

Shannon said...

I'm excited about this post. I looooove hip hop.

beckler said...

Maybe I will post especially for you later. I went down a deep spotify hole with Dirty South rap last night. I am now convinced that it all starts with Juvenile