Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Do you know how many times I've said "purview" lately? At the new job people be askin' me to do hella shit that's not in my purview.

Saw Oblivion at IMAX yesterday.  It is a mishmash of a bunch of other movies, including Blade Runner and Star Wars.  Even his space plane looks like whatever those X things are that Luke Skywalker flies.  Oh yeah, and The Matrix, BIG TIME.  It was OK, though.  Two strong female leads, which is unusual.

I really wish I could go see R. Kelly next month in Las Vegas. It's an arena show, though, which I hate.  Also it's 130 bucks plus getting to Las Vegas, staying in a hotel, etc.  Pretty much an unatainable dream.  The dude is 46 and I'm worried he will retire or that his preacher won't be enough to keep him from committing some pervy crime.  The latter is probably much more likely.  He's just playing a bunch of stupid festivals like Bonnaroo after that.  Do any actual music lovers go to those things? It seems like pretty much the worst way to see bands.

Speaking of music lovers, the music "scene" around here is moribund right now as far as I'm concerned. I know there are local bands that have good shows, but not really the ones I like.  Not to mention out of town bands.  There should have been way more people for that Peach Kelli Pop/ Fine Steps show.  Fine Steps tore it up.  It's too bad.


beckler said...

having bangs can be such a chore. One day cute and then bam! Next day I have to make a combover. And if I got to great clips they will butcher them no matter what. They won't even cut them straight

beckler said...

I just found the funniest thing on Etsy. I am so bummed it sold


Anonymous said...

cane? do not get.

beckler said...

I know! I don't know why it's being called a cane either. Is it a drug paraphenilia thing? Is "cane" the hot new street drug?

Anonymous said...

Too many venues! ;0