Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuff Turf indeed.

Wowza. Tuff Turf the movie.  That is teen Robert Downy Jr. on the right, Jim Carroll in the middle, and hot Spader on the right.  Spader in my opinion is miscast as a protagonist rather than a villian, and basically plays the good guy as if he were a bad guy.  Scott thought he was a badass, I thought he brought all his misfortunes on himself with his unwarranted cockiness.  He gets beaten up so many times in this movie and he lets a thug run over his bike rather than just riding it away. 

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Anonymous said...

you're so right. it's no wonder he was never cast for another good-guy role. just watched pretty in pink again, and he is utterly brilliant as that dispicable rich twat.

i love how he's rolling a joint when he delivers this line: "Money really means nothing to me. Do you think I'd treat my parents' house this way if it did?"

anybody notice the split-second gina gershon cameo in Tuff Turf?


beckler said...

missed gershon. What did you think about robert downey's drumming skills? I couldn't tell if he was faking it. His baby fat made him look oddly feminine

Anonymous said...

yeah i think he might have been drumming for reals?

i love the bit where he's tossing cassettes out the car.

i just read that he was originally cast as Duckie, but there was too much chemistry with ringwald, so they brought in john cryer.