Wednesday, April 03, 2013

never tell a lie about wokstar's dad

ESS is playing at Barfly tonight. I wonder what that stands for?  Barfly is kinda on my radar lately.  It seems like maybe a good place to have shows, despite its listless, cavernous vibe.  Hey, there aren't a lotta venues so might as well give it a try. Mike C. was expressing some interest. I've gone to Shaun Slaughter's house music night (there were a crew of break dancers that would take turns going and it was just like being in an 80s movie) a reggae/dancehall night (totally dead but good music, who knew that Soriano's brother is a reggae dj?) and now, ESS.

A funny thing about the reggae night, if you know what DJ Wokstar looks like, is that he showed up with his wizard-ish dad who looks EXACTLY like him.  Wokstar must have been raised a Rastafarian.  Smiller, can you remind me of my rastafarian/tour de france joke?


beckler said...

yipes. I kinda can't believe I gave hideaway 3 1/2 stars. It really just fits in "good" firmly. I guess I must have done it because I thoughd they'd think 3 was bad. For the millionth time: I hate stars.

Did you notice that since I went to once a month they switched back to the star ratings of like "epic" and "authoritative" and crap? That's terrible. So I just rated it between "appealing" and "authoritative" Riiigghhttt

Scott Miller said...

Don't shoot the messenger, but I think it was "what do you call a Rastafarian in the Tour de France?"

"Rasta far ride"

I just made this one up: "What do you call a Rastafarian in a Sac band?"

"Rasta Far guy"

Anonymous said...

Rasta Nar Guy?

-The Neighbor

DJ Rick said...

Tim Soriano did a reggae show on KDVS for years (like, at least a decade).

How did that show go? I wanted to go. ESS were pretty awesome the time I saw 'em at Luigi's, and I dug the King Dude LP from 2012. I'd been curious about that space, too, when I saw through the dividing door from Bacon & Butter.

beckler said...

the other side of the space had people doing salsa dancing.

I liked ESS. Jesse is a handsome, intense frontman. Just what every band needs. I didn't stay for king dude. I went to LowBrau on got wasted on complementary shots. I am not humblebragging, I am just saying I wouldn't do 3 shots of schnapps and drink a schnapps cocktail on my own. Ever.

LowBrau is getting on the ball with their schnapps program, revamping the cocktail list and getting an actual list of the schnapps. I had one called hog something and it was really good. Like a less obnoxious Jaeger.

Rasta Far Ride is the best one, IMHO

Neighbor-Scott played me the first Ween record. I could see the merits. Let's all get really blazed sometime and listen in the compound. Had you ever heard that supposedly Prince was a big Ween fan?

Anonymous said...

you've never gotten blazed and listened to Ween?

I thought that was just something everyone did at some point.


beckler said...

no, but I think I did write them a fan letter when they were Sassiest cute boy of the month.

gee whz said...

Cute boy alert!

beckler said...

Who was the neighbor's Time Machine Tail? (the person you would go back in time to do it with)

Anybody out there read the Bolshoi Ballet acid attack article in the New Yorker? Man, there is a reason David Remnick is the editor. I wish he wrote more. Seriously elegant writing

Caroline said...

i'm ok with ween.

beckler said...

if you're ok, I'm ok

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed a baseball player on the A's that looks dead on like Wokstar?

Anonymous said...

Um... Wokstar's dad? Impossible as his father died when he was in his 20s.. He was NOT raised Rasta. He was born in Indiana. Fakaraian.