Saturday, April 20, 2013

preserved for all eternity

 We're trying to clean some crap out of our house, which is such a lame task, but anyways these framed pics have been sitting around forever and they're not exactly aesthetically pleasing enough that I want to hang them up.  So I had the idea that I'd just preserve them in posts on the blog.  That way they'll be here for all eternity way after I'm dead when Sacramento scholars are poring over it, writing dissertations on the early internet era, etc.  So here's the "best local blog readers' choice from 06" and...
And writers' choice from 05.  That was really cool.  I don't know if I won other years? I know I came in second or third to some fly-by-nights that aren't around.  Like those sexy twins. Done! Preserved!

I was just looking at some early posts to remind myself how long ago I started heckasac (coming up on 9 years) and I just found two funny things: apparently I spotted Vincent Gallo on a trip to NY (how the fuck would I forget this?!) and when Scott used to post for me (before we were even going out!) he wrote that Brew It Up by far had the best beers in Sac!!


Zoso said...

Beer scene sure was different 9 yrs ago.

beckler said...

I hear your place is hecka good. Stoked to try the beer