Friday, April 26, 2013

my regular schtick

I finally logged in to statcounter for the first time in a long time and heckasac is at a low that it hasn't been at since the beginning. That's ok, I understand people get sick of my schtick.  I really like that some out of towners still check, like Chapstick in NY.  So thanks for those of you that aren't sick of me. I always think it's funny that there will be newbies that are super involved and then drop off. 

What else? DJ Smiller is going to be DJing with Roger every couple of weeks, which is awesome! And he didn't play much reggae because it doesn't fit with Roger's style, (not that there's anythign wrong with that- Seinfeld). He did point out that the clash is the perfect segue into reggae.

The new George Saunders short story collection is blowing me away. I am such a fan.  The first short story made me cry! I don't think a short story has ever done that to me.  There are a couple of good scifi stories in there too.  They are so touching.  The struggle of people to be better than they are is a big theme.  Most people want to be good but their self absorption and selfishness and pettiness and greed get in the way.  So true. 

The Junot Diaz new book is about 50% good.  And super hot.  He is such a dog!


beckler said...

ha! I wrote this before I saw the 32 comments below. Warms my cold little heart

Anonymous said...

There are likely a bunch of us that read blogs exclusively through RSS. I could be wrong but I don't think that would be picked up by the counter.

beckler said...

I am so used to writing heckasac that I really don't trip about it at this point

beckler said...

but thx!

Anonymous said...

wait i dont even read this blog!


beckler said...


another ha! i just got a shot in my toe and yelled out "fuck" and "shit" which all the nurses found to be hilarious.

helpful tip: do not get a shot in your toe