Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm already excited about the next Halloween show

This is very exciting! I had to ask Dave Ninja's help because I don't have photoshop, so we now have created a store at Cafe Press for "I'm already excited about the next Halloween show" merchandise!!  Place your orders now! I just ordered two bumper stickers and they came in at under ten bucks.  This is Official Halloween Show (TM) merchandise, don't confuse it with other shoddy knockoffs.

By the way, I've been remiss in not saying (did I say that right?) that Morrissey was my favorite of the night, on an emotional level.  I've probably blahblahed about this to some of you before, but in 92 I walked off my job at a gas station (with no notice, what a little dick) to drive around California and Arizona, following Morrissey.

I fell into this little crew of zinesters and Morrissey obsessives and we all drove together and crashed at people's houses. The first guy I kissed (TMI!) was one of the dudes I was traveling around with.  It was a heady time. 

I never got onstage even though I tried, and I once got a little scrap of his shirt and lost it, so getting to hug  Morrissey at the Halloween show really completed the circle for me, and I felt like it was really happening.  Cody was SO AMAZING!!!!!

And that's why: I'm already excited about the next Halloween show! (TM)


Anonymous said...

Please link to vids if they exist. Especially Corrisey! I NEED to see that ish!

-The Neighbor

Cody said...

Gosh, thanks. It was way fun, and everyone's been way nice, and I'm really really stoked I got to do it. Total dream come true. You'' have to fill me in on your adventures in following Morrissey some time, because that sounds awesome and nuts.

Cody said...

Hey the Neighbor. Do I know you? I think I know you based on the random knowledge I've gathered in the comments section. If so...hey dude.

Anonymous said...

Yes Corrisey, you know me from 14th Avenue Baptist Church.

I'm SO BUMMED that I missed your performance! SO INCREDIBLY BUMMED.

You can call me (9I6)284-59OI) or email me at sunshine.trail(at)gmail(dot)com.
if you wanna catch up or just have a couple beers at the Ranch!

ninja said...

setting up the halloween cafepress page made me realize that i once had a Brian Peppers cafepress store. I tried to reopen it only to find out I cant use the image (its flagged). So it was a complete cycle of joy, disappointment and shirts for dogs with Brian Peppers on them.

Now I'll just have to start a Benji Cooter Paris Hilton cafepress store and make some real money!

beckler said...

these jokes are hella old school!

maybe you should start an "I'm already excited about the next four eyes christmas show" store. or an "all I want for christmas is the four eyes christmas show".

gee whz said...

"I Saw Mommy kissing Sammy Claus"?

Liv Moe said...

I see that this merch comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Buy with confidence!