Monday, April 29, 2013


First things first, Screature were RAD!!! This is the second time I've seem them and I'm kind of a superfan.  Their record is out but I don't know where you can buy it.  Thanks LD for hosting the party. Speaking of records:
 Matt Shrug put out a 3 song flexi of Bananas covers, which he turned into rockin' garage versions.  He plays every single fucking instrument by himself.
Nacho Business' single is out and is great.  These are both on Sacramento Records and again, I don't know how you get them besides asking Charles.
 This was my breakfast on Sunday. A meatloaf sandwich on a Corti Roll (perfect size!) and a weird Merengue soda from the Dominican Republic, a country I've been thinking about after reading the Junot Diaz book.
This is for the neighbor: I assume you have seen this in front of Lucky Cafe, or possibly you did it.  Thanks again for the eggs! I ate two this morning and they were soooo good.

This article got me curious about Lil B. I downloaded his mixtape "God's Father" (hilarious name) and it is ENDLESS and pretty monotonous, but the lack of variation makes it pleasant background music and occasionally a song stands out.  I think this song is pretty brilliant, mostly because I love how he never gets to the payoff of the song.


beckler said...

a ha! facebook answered my question. These records are available at Time Tested

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that's been there forever. Not me...I've always suspected Mr. Imagine...but he swears it wasn't him. Those kids at Anthony's are idjits. I'm trying to get whacked by Sasha instead. I ran into her at Berryessa and she said cool...gonna check it out in June.

-The Neighbor

PS- we're having an egg shortage right now (because of the heat?) but I'll tell you when production picks back up!

talkaboutcharles said...

soon you will be able to buy them at

if you buy all three new records (The RAD Lp, The Nacho Bizz 7" and Matt K. Flexi) for the special combined price of $20, I will bring them to your door step! free of charge! Just e-mail me (charlesalbright (at)

DaveNinja said...

Charles - I'll take that deal!

The Neighbor - have your hens molted yet? Once a year chickens can molt which causes a slow down or total stop to egg production (also they loss feathers and are really quiet). All three of our hens molted at the same time back in Feb, it was a month of no eggs!

Anonymous said...

Ninja- They molt in the fall, usually. I just have 2 birds that are >5 years old, and they just don't lay much anymore. We had a nice little surplus a few weeks ago, but only get one egg a day right now from 4 birds. I have 3 new ones, but they won't start laying until October or so.

captcha: ulocto commanded. This make me think of Zardoz for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Dave Smith said...

Check out the story of the guy winning the reggae monkey! He's thrilled that it only cost him $2,300!