Wednesday, April 17, 2013

thinkin' about bread

I got a deep tissue massage yesterday and I feel like I paid someone to kick my ass.  Deep tissue is insane, but I do believe it can have health benefits although I'm not sure what. Maybe raising my pain tolerance?  I know what childbirth feels like now (JK ladies!). Anyway, Shannon at Harmony is great, and she'll do swedish too. and maybe shiatsu. I don't know what that is.

I am shocked to report that Sophia's in Davis has a decent pork laap. It is probably their only item that isn't syrupy sweet.  My coworkers keep picking places to go.  I have not had the opportunity to pick a single place. The words "chinese buffet" are bandied about frequently.  Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my trap shut?  It's so hard that I could see myself bursting a blood vessel in my eye.

I've been thinking about bread, since I just wrote a review that has a lot in it about bread.  Will Sac ever have a really good bread bakery? I've gotten to eat Tartine bread twice in the last couple of weeks and I really hope we someday get a good bakery.  OK, it can't be as good as Tartine, the most  famous bread bakery in the world, but as good as Semifreddos would be nice.

Indulge me one more time in moaning about Morrissey shirts I have lost:

Dame Edith Sitwell

Harvey Kietel

Motorcycle Au Pair Boy

that  last one is the most painful of all and I think I might buy this one.  Too bad it's XL and the one I had was probably a small.  This is a smart business decision and will  only appreciate in value. 


Anonymous said...

I think we can aim for as good as Acme!


beckler said...

ugh, that last tshirt looks thick and mine was a thin bootleg!

Acme ships so much here I'm surprised they don't open an outpost. Although i guess they don't do that

Cody said...

That Edith Sitwell one is so rad. I somehow have never seen it before. His shirts at the Davis show were mostly horrendous. A few of them kinda looked like they were from a Cafe Press store. Not that there's anything wrong with Cafe Press. He also had mouse pads and I think bracelets or something. Really dissapointing.

Scott Miller said...

Good thing I wasn't just in a Manchester record store full of Morrissey shirts.

leon said...

The German lady at the farmers market makes killer German bread. Costs too much though. The bakery at Nugget is good too.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a good treberbrot source. Anyone? I may have to make some homebrew just so I can then make some treberbrot.


beckler said...

Thanks for buying me a Morrissey shirt in Manchester, husband.

I realized later that I pretty much posted this same post about Morrissey shirts a few months ago. Like the exact same I bet. I think that shirtless morrissey shirt is the same one that was up then, too. How are they gonna sell a thick extra large at that price?