Friday, April 19, 2013

40 water

OMG it was just announced that Canned Heat will be playing at the UCD staff picnic this year?!?! This is bizarre.  And funny.  I have always kind of hated them.  And they serve us the grossest grade Z Hannibal's catering.  I asked for a vegetarian meal.

Remember Canned Heat?

uh, how did I get the date for e-40 off by like a month? So weird.  Oh well, at least I will catch the Screature set.  It's on May 18th.  What do you think Sprinkle Me is about? Is it a drug thing? Golden Shower? Just nonsense? I'm sure it's the latter.

There is a really good James Salter article in the New Yorker.  Underappreciated writer.  Writer's writer.  Interesting to discover that he's a secret Jew.  He changed his name from David Horowitz! I recommend Light Years.


Anonymous said...


Sadly, I *believe* it no longer contains original members. Bob Hite died a few years ago, and they turned into a jam band.

-The Neighbor

beckler said...

I'll let you know when it is if you wanna come to it. It's in a big field by the arboretum I think. I can't get you free gross food, though.

Oh yeah, thanks for the eggs. They're delicious!

You better tell me when the Pancake Circus event goes down. I can dress like a clown like the best of them. I was once a pregnant clown for halloween with a baby doll hanging between my legs.

DJ Rick said...

David Horowitz? Like the host of "Fight Back"?

beckler said...

ha! james horowitz! subliminal slip

this episode busts orville redenbacher for lying about the popcorn content of his package

beckler said...

I hate davis food so much that I can't make myseelf eat any lunch! It's depressing. I was excited about being on campus but I quickly learned there wasn't anything good on campus, either. maybe i'll go to taco bell. sad.

The Armeniac said...

Dude! I'm so jealous you get to see Canned Heat!! Scientists get all the perks!!